Is 6wks Too Long To Wait To See Dr

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Ashley - November 13

Hi, I just found out I am pregnant after only one month ttc. It happened very quickly. I already had an appt. for a routine physical for Nov. 22nd set up before I found out. That would put me a 6 wks. Is that too long to wait before seeing a dr.? I've been experiencing af like cramping in my lower pelvic region and was kind of worried. I've heard this can be normal, how long does it last? Nervous about m/c. At 25 this is my first baby. Any advice ? Please?


Ashley - November 13

Anybody out there????


Renee - November 13

Ashley, NO, that's not too long to wait - matter of fact, there will be an excellent chance of you actually seeing your baby's heartbeat on the screen!!! (you cannot hear it until much later, but you can see it fluttering about) It's very cool - i'm in my 9th week. Congratulations to you! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!


Renee - November 13

If you go any earlier, you may not see the heartbeat - that was my whole point. :-) I was typing way to fast!!!! :-)


Ashley - November 13

Thanks Renee, that makes me feel better.


Jamie - November 13

I have to go to a specialist but I know he wouldn't see me until I was around 6-8 weeks. The found out the first of October and they set my appointment for Nov 21st. I have seen a regular gyno because I was spotting. With your cramping, I have the same thing. I heard it was normal. I have read alot of things and ask friends and family and they all say its normal. Call your doctor and see if you can get in any sooner.


Steph - November 13

Hey Jamie, I've got my first doc's appt. on the 21st as well!! I should be about six weeks then and I am quite hopeful that I'll be able to see the heartbeat and possibly hear it...Good luck to you!! And Ashley good luck on your pregnancy and your seeing your doc right on time!


K - November 13

Hi I went at around 6 weeks also and we saw the heartbeat during the ultrasound! Congrats & good luck! :)


Deb - November 13

My first dr appt is on the 21st and I will be 6w5d. So, no it isn't too late.



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