Is 9 Dpo To Early To Get A Positive When Did You Know

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Amy - August 1

I got a pregnancy test and it tested positive to my calculations of 9 dpo/conception is that too soon or did I get pregnant the day I think? When did you find out?


Mica - August 2



melissa - August 2

i got a positive after 7 days! i only found out today that it was only 7 days after. i ovulated a week later than i thought so was only 7 instead of 14.


Paula - August 2

I tested at 10dpo and got a faint but readable positive on 3 tests all throughout the day. Of course one wasn't enough for me to believe :) That was sunday. Dr. just confirmed today that its a positive.


TO AMY - August 2

I got a faint positive 10 days post ovulation.


jb - August 2

I have heard that false positives are very rare, soooo Congrats!!! A positive is a positive. You can always test again in a few days to be sure. Call your doctor and make and apt and get a blood test done.


Anne - August 2

I tested positive 5 days after conception, but I'm also carrying twins (which means hcG levels are higher)


Heather - August 3

I found out 10 days after ovulation, so I dont think 9 days is to early. I think every woman is different but its possible.


Jeanne - August 14

It is definitely possible to get a positive at 9 DPO, but there's no way it can happen earlier than that. The pregnancy hormone does not exist until after implantation.


Aabby - July 31

Actually Jeanne, the pregnancy hormone starts before implantation. This hCG signal can be detected as soon as the syncytiotrophoblast is formed. The syncytiotrophoblast is the outermost layer of the fertilised cells and is thicker and in contact with uterine spaces. It becomes a syncitium (layer of nuclei and cytoplasm without lateral cell borders) and is termed the "syncytiotrophoblast"


Stephanie_31 - July 31

A positive at 9 days is definatly possible. I tested positve at 10 DPO and I bet if I had tested at 9 DPO it would have be positve also. CONGRATS!!


babylove4 - July 31

I got mine 9 dpo & now I'm 14 weeks......Congrats on your positive.....h&h 9 months.....being that i found out so soon it seems like I've been pg forever........Welcome to the long journey of baby in the making : 0)


shann0125 - July 31

i got a positive 8 dpo. congrats to you!!



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