Is Quot Queefing Quot Dangerous At 5 Weeks

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cdmrose - November 24

Every time I wake up in the morning, or stand up after sitting for a long time, I "queef". (Sorry, I don't know of another word for it.) It's not something I can control, either! Is this normal, and will it hurt the baby?


sososleepy - November 26

What is a queef?


Teddyfinch - November 27

a "v____al fart" for lack of a better description.


sososleepy - November 28

No clue them, sorry cdm. I'd ask your doc. I'd expect you to have the experience perhaps after bd with dh, but if it's happening lots more than that, one thought that comes to mind is that ga__ses are produced by bacteria, so having doc check to rule that out might be prudent. Any pain or itching or odd discharge? Any sign of yeast? Consider how often you bd, and if you're "queefing" more than that get checked. Have you switched positions for comfort lately? PG leaves our bellies feeling awkwardly full, which could lead to a position switch, which might lead to your experience too.


cdmrose - November 30

Sorry for my late response - I was out of town for the holiday. My dh and I haven't actually bd'd at all - we are pg again after a m/c earlier this year, so we're a little paranoid. No signs of yeast or itching, etc, thank goodness. I have been terribly bloated and constipated, so maybe that has something to do with it? So neither of you have had this experience, I take it... Well I guess I'll have to suck it up and call the doc - it is so embara__sing! Thank you for your responses and good luck with your pregnancies!


sososleepy - December 4

Cdmrose, don't be embarra__sed to talk to the doc about anything; they've seen and heard it all unless they're brand new. We're pregnant;our bodies have been taken over, we barf, fart, and very often during delivery we poop too. Yeah. On the bright side, it's only 9 months, and then it's back to normal, minus sleep, minus time, minus a clean house, plus little crumbs and fingerprints everywhere, and full of little hugs, laughter, and all the joys of parenthood.



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