Is Anybody Cold

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JenniferB - February 1

I have been freezing for the last few days. We keep our thermostat at 72 degrees. Most people complain that the house is too warm but I am soooo cold. I don't remember feeling like this with my first pregnancy and I don't feel sick. Strange huh?


Trinaty - February 1

I am the same Jennifer, everyone around me is comfortable or on the warm side and I feel freezing ( and I know its not cold here - we are in the middle of summer ) I put it down to feeling a bit run down, being that Im in the 1st trimester. If you find out more info I would love to know!


Hana - February 1

YESSSS!!!I thought I was weird, but I'm constantly under the covers wearing so many layers, blasting the heat up, and have the fire place on and still shivering. It all started a week ago when i was 4 weeks... I have no idea what it is...


JanInBama - February 1

OMG ... Thank you for asking that! I thought that I was abnormal! LOL I can't seem to get warm - I stayed so hot with my first pregnancy - I thought it was just me! :)


melle - February 1

I have the chills everyone once in awhile. I'm fine when I'm moving around and working, but when I'm home I have to be under a blanket. I'm usually the one that gets warm and my husband cold. He just laughs at me.


yourtrish - February 1

Ok people ... fair warning. My first few weeks after finding out (4-8) I was always freezing and I thought it was weird since all of the baby-books tell you you should be warmer because you have an increase in blood flow...but HOLY COW!!! I'm 9 weeks and I keep having these severe hot flashes where I want to strip down naked in the middle of the day and run through a sprinkler. I even go for walks outside (Montreal temp!) just to cool down... so enjoy...because I have a funny feeling once your pregnancy progresses you'll be wishing for a chill!


Deb - February 1

Hi Jennifer! I am the same way. I thought it was strange that I wasn't hot, but I seem to be colder than the normal person. At work I end up wearing one or two cardigans over my clothes and I am always bugging DH to turn up the heat (at 72 degrees too). I am looking forward to getting warmer. I am 17 weeks, but I haven't gained any weight yet (due to ma__sive amounts of m/s) so I think that is why I haven't "warmed up" yet.


JessCssdy - February 1

Yes. I am freezing most of the time but when I am out and walking around or cookin I feel really hot. I feel like my mother with her menapause flashes!!


katt76 - February 2

I was freezing for the first six weeks. Like shaking I was so cold my doctor gave me a new prenatal and now I am fine. Your iron could be low. Are you anemic. Check with your doc about that. Is your blood pressure low??


JenniferB - February 2

Actually, I could be anemic. I didn't even think of that. I wasn't cold during my first pregnancy but I was anemic and I had a hard time with my milk coming in because my iron was so low.


k. - February 2

I have been cold for days, actually thought I might be getting a cold. Guess not!


Anita Jouhal - February 24

Hi Everyone, I am nearly 24 weeks pregnant and I am feeling so cold mind you it is cold outside but I have the heating on high and my hubby is complaining. This maybe just one of those things that happen through out a pregnancy with different people but it is nothing to worry about enjoy being pregnant!!!!!!! Good Luck to all.


AmyF - February 24

OMG I thought I was going crazy! It's all I can do to stay warm for the past week! I'm 7 w 3 days and my feet are absolutely FROZEN. Have to check out on the iron levels. My first appt is wed the 8th, so I can check out for a new prenatal vitamin.



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