Is Anyone Else A Military Mommy

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heather28 - February 6

This is my second pregancy, but my first going through Naval Hospital. I don't have my first appointment until I'm 10 weeks three weeks from today. I thought I read somewhere that we only get one u/s. Does anyone know at what point that'll be? It's just kind of stressful reading all these other posts where people are talking about already having 2 and 3 u/s before 10 weeks. I could've gotten in sooner, but something about the fact that I had a c-section previously I have to see a specfic group of doctors. (I wonder if this means they'll give me another c-section just because?)


RachelSierras - March 6

I'm not in the military but my husband is is in the navy and I'm 9 weeks and Ive alreayd had like 3 but thats because I had concerns and I called the urgent care line at the obgyn and the put me right through and i got a u/s. I Don't see why you would have to see and different group of doctors all the stuff is in the same place wether you had one or not. But then again thats a military hospital for ya.


heather28 - March 6

Well that's what I hubby is in the Marine Corps. I actually had my orientation a couple of weeks ago and they did a dating u/s and put me a week behind where I thought I was. I'm 10 weeks today!! I get one more u/s at 20 weeks I think to see if they can find the s_x. Apparently here they have their OB's separated into two teams ones that do c-sections and one's that don't. Go figure. I don't actually see a doctor until I'm 36 weeks and I have to determine whether or not to try VBAC (v____al birth after c-section). I'm thinking yeah right if my first pregnancy is any indication I won't even make it to 36 weeks.


RachelSierras - March 6

That seems so odd making you wait so long but then again When i needed a emergency same day appointment the gave me one two days away. The orentation was a blast and i mean a good nap. All they talked about was like what to do after the babys born and I'm sitting here like how about why don't we talk about now and what to expect in the next couple months. The military hospital unless you but your foot down will make you wait a long time to do anything.



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