Is Anyone Else Showing Yet

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Katz - January 19

I am showing!! And it is not just bloat anymore!! I have a very definite little bump! I am very excited, it finally seems a little real!! So, is anyone else showing yet?


jessicaspatherapist - January 19

i have a bump....i'm 13 weeks today and i gained 2 lbs so far! never been happy to see a weight gain till today!


Katz - January 19

Here is kind of a bad picture of me, it is REALLY fuzzy but I will get a better one today.....


Katz - January 19

Take out the Dashes(-)


jessicaspatherapist - January 19

that's exactly what mine looked like about 10 days ago!!! now i've noticed i'm getting wider too (in the waist)....i have a pic from last week and when hubby gets home i'll take an updated one! yay katz!


kimberly - January 19

I have a small bump too! I am only 9 weeks, I have never showed this early. I guess it is because it is my 3rd!


Katz - January 19

It is my 3rd too. I am going to start taking them every week.......I want to make a video collage of the progress...


socalmom - January 19

YAY Katz I'm so glad to be on this board with you remember me from signs board? Anyway I'm 5 week today and NOT showing but I have this really full/heavy feeling! I had a C-section with my dd and some of my friends said that they had that full/heavy feeling with their 2nd after a c-section. Anyone here have/had that??


Katz - January 19

Of course I remember you! Congrats on getting here!! I was very full feeling up until about a week ago. So it is normal!! Congrats again!!


jessicaspatherapist - January 20

okay, here's my bump! at 13w1d h t t p:// (take out the dashes and weird spaces)


flipthea - January 21

I'm 9 1/2 weeks and I thought it was just me but there's definitely a bump. I think cause I'm pet_te that's why you could see a little bump already. How exciting though. My pants definitely can't zip all the way up or b___ton.


MNMOM - January 21

I am 17W3D and I finally have a bump! It just sorta appeard, felt like almost in a matter of a few days! I finally don't feel so silly in maternity clothes!


redsonya - January 23

I'm 8 weeks today and I can't ell if I'm showing or not. The past week was my birthday so I ate a bit more than usual. In the mornings my stomach is pretty flat but I just looked in the mirror and I swear I see and feel a bump! It could be my imagination.


Frances - January 23

I understand that preggo gals tend to bloat more than unpreggo women. Since this is true, you may notice that your pants fit great in the morning but are WAY too tight by the time you get home from work. Bloat tends to acc_mulate more towards the end of the day even if you haven't done anything to deserve it like not drinking enough water or eating too big a meal. I never have a bump in the morning but I look really pregnant by the time four or five in the afternoon rolls around.



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