Is Anyone Have Diarrhea Instead Of Vomiting

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Erin S - January 10

I am 8 weeks today and just got over really bad diarrhea. The past 2 weeks I was going to the bathroom every hour for 15 minutes at a time. The worst part about it was I had to do this at my job where the bathroom is shared by many. I was wondering if anyone experienced having trouble sleeping at night. Along with the diarrhea the past two weeks I was tossing and turning all night as if I had just drank 2 cups of coffee. I do feel better this week though. This is my second and I don't rememeber ever experiencing these sympoms. The last time I didn't get morning sickness until I was 3 months along. I hope that isn't the case this time. I would love for the diarrhea to have been my morning sickness.


Lisa L - January 10

Erin - I have had a lot of trouble sleeping lately, too. I think I am about 5 weeks today. I thought my losing sleep was just my anxiety. I have not been able to go to work this week because I haven't been able to sleep.


Laureen - January 10

I have also had diarrhea, along with some constipation. I have a appt tomorrow so, I will ask. I have a achy back, sore b___bs, always hungry also. Who knows?


tazzles - January 19

i had diarrhea in my first pregnancy and was really worried. The doctors looked into it and there was nothing wrong. it has started again in my 15th week of my third pregnancy and although it is a right pain i am not getting worried yet although i will phone my midwife if i get it for much longer as i am still being sick everyday as well.


Anxious_mum - March 12

Hi mummies, Im new here:) My Ist Pregnancy my systoms were a bit extreme. I got very bad all day sickness. I vomitted everyday till about 5 months then i gradually get better. I also had nose bleed like twice in a week. It will just come unexpectedly. I gain only 8kg during the pregnancy and lost 15kg after i gave birth. This is my second pregnancy and im currently at 6 weeks. Im having diarrhoea for the past weeks too. Almost everyday i would get bad cramps on my adominal and pain on my right foot veins. Went to chinese Physician (TMC). The doctor did not dare to ma__sage my foot for me. Only suggested to advice me to soak in warm water. My Ist gynae appointment is set on 15 march this friday.I am praying that all will be fine. Till now no vomitting but only feeling nausea occasionally And i always crave for chocolates:)


Emmum - January 23

I'm so relieved after reading this. I saw my doctor on Friday who was fairly useless, and made me feel a freak. 

I have this all the time and feel crampy and bloated. It's caused me a lot of anxiety and panic, and he even mentioned ectopic pregnancy due to the cramping, but did nothing about it :/



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