Is Anyone SUPER Exhausted

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fara - April 26

hi ladies..i've been feeling tired to the point i cannot move at all..i have to rest/sleep & it goes away ..somedays i'm ok but today i woke up feeling like i had the flu,without the runny nose..just feels realli anyone like this?


Daffy - April 26

Yup - it's a very common sympton. I'm 12 weeks now, and often have to get 12-14 hours sleep - and even then I'm exhausted! It's all good - just your body telling you to rest while all sorts of magical things are going on inside you. Don't worry - your energy should start coming back by the 2nd trimester.


pania - April 26

Oh yeah, the first trimester is the worst in my book!!! I have a burst of energy in the morning then its all downhill from there and Im napping by 2 o'clock!


fara - April 26

=) thanks


olivia - April 26

i am so super tired and can't clean, cook, or get up in the morning. Problem is I have an 8 month old who needs me all day. Sometimes I wish I could put her in her crib so i can fall asleep. I hope i get more energy soon or she's gonig to hate me. I am still nursing 1-2 times a day and I think my body is just screaming at me. I hope it pa__ses soon.


srigles - April 26

8w3d. Can't get out of bed in the morning, can't cook, can't clean, just no energy at all. 2pm is when it's the worst - I'm done for the day at that point.


frankschick2001 - April 26

The last few days, the exhaustion usually comes in the afternoon, but today, I can hardly keep my eyes open and it is only 10:30 in the morning. I am only 5 weeks 3 days pregnant. Isn't it too early to be feeling that tired symptom?


PoohBear - April 26

Im 5w6d and I have been extremly fatigued since the beging of my 5thw so I dont think that its uncommon. I think that everyones body handles it differently.


snugglybugglys - April 26

I'm 5W1D and so exhausted! I have been since the middle of last week. The sad thing is, is I get really hyper at the end of the night, and have a hard time falling asleep.


Dee - April 26

I am 8 wks and have been exhausted since about 6 1/2 wks. And I feel completely useless. My house is an absolute mess and I hate it. I cant wait till the 2nd Trimester when I get some energy back


MM - April 27

I have been exhausted since about 6 1/2 weeks too (I'm about 11 1/2 weeks now). My husband keeps coming home from work to find me asleep on the couch. I can't stay up for movies or anything. I hate being so tired all the time. I'll get a good night's sleep & then by mid to late afternoon I have to have a nap. I can't wait for the 2nd trimestre (the 1st one sucks)!!


olivia - April 27

I forced myself to clean the house today. I sent my daughter to my mother in laws and I am cleaning every room. I think I fall asleep between each chore. It is torture!


fortune cookie - April 28

Ouch. I thought I was just getting lazy! I'm about 7w3d pregnant and I struggle to get up just to eat! Never mind cooking or cleaning... good thing I have my boyfriend to do that for me!!! So 2mp is the worst huh? eek.


squished - April 28

My house is an absolute mess b/c I just don't have the time between school, work and spending so much time sleeping :). It's starting to back off some now that I'm 12w, so I look forward to being normal once again.


scarlett - April 29

Just wondering, how do you girls handle your tiredness + work? I've been extremely tired too and I need to get AT LEAST 10-12hours of sleep everyday, and lots of rest. But I have shift work, and can never get that much sleep. It's pretty stressful at work too.


scarlett - April 29

And I'm 14 weeks along, but STILL feeling fatigue =[


18wbabynov - April 30

im 13 wks. and im HORRIFICALLY tired... ALL THE TIME. i work where i stand up almost all day... drives me nuts, and makes me go to bed at 5pm everyday. crazyness!



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