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knpandrews - April 17

Hello ladies... I am currently 13 wk. 6 days pregnant. I have morning sickness usually from the time I wake to about 3-4 in the afternoon and then it usually comes back at around 9-10pm. I throw up pretty hard in the morning... since there is no food in there I began to wonder how harmful it is. My whole body contracts and clinches when i throw up and I notice that I am bending over and squeezing my stomach. Can this be harmful... I usually bend over and throw up into a plastic bag. I am wondering if this can harm the baby from me clinching my body so tightly. I have not felt the baby move as of yet and I can not find the heartbeat on the doppler as of yet either. However the morning sickness is still there and going stong. :) ANY ADVICE ON THIS???


Leilani14 - April 17

Hi! I'm sorry you feel so sick. I know it is hard. I was sick until 15weeks. I would throw up almost once a day. And it felt horrible, but I don't think it can hurt your baby. Your baby is below the area where all the squeezing is going on. The most important thing is that you don't get dehydrated. The way it work is that baby has priority and it takes whatever it needs from you. I'm sure nausea will start to let go soon and you will feel much better. Take care


iakram - April 17

Hi Knpandrews...I'm sorry you have to go though this. I had severe MS the 1st time arounds it was literally 24/7 so I know only too well when you say nothing comes out since there is no food. I ended up popping blood vessles on my face b/c of the force of the nausea. I would use the washroom sink but I would hold on to that...and tried not to put too much pressure on the stomach but of course that's easier said then done. Try and bend slightly which should help. Have you tried taking medication? I ended up taking it which helped. I'm not sure if squeezing your belly would help try and grasp onto something. You won't feel the baby move yet - but baby's are pretty well cushioned in our belly's so you should be okay. but talk to your Dr jsut in case! Sorry if i was no help....


knpandrews - April 17

Leilani14 and Iakram... thank you for responding. I have alot of friends who had absolutely no morning sickness what so ever and I am convinced that I have all of theres combined. :) Iakram... as far as the blood vessels in your face, you are not alone I have popped 2 in my eye. It was completly blood shot. I have not tried taking medications because I am so scared of it. I miscarried a year ago and I just dont want to take a chance. Maybe I am being silly because I know plenty of people that have but I think its more my own way of knowing that if I am throwing up then I know that the baby is ok. But who knows. I have a u/s appt. tomorrow for my 14 wk. so maybe he can shed some light on my hormones and when the nausea will stop. If this doesnt subside soon i might have to lean towards the meds. :) Hope all is well.


frankschick2001 - April 17

I'm not sure how to relive the sickness and throwing up. But I do know that 13 weeks is pretty early to find a heartbeat using the home dopplers, it can take a while to find it, so don't wqorry about that aspect. I've never thrown up from being pregnant, but if I have a stomach virus, I'll throw up so hard, I break blood vessels in my face! When I am done it looks like I have chicken pocks! I've done this since I was a child. So I know how awful it is to just heave your whole body into throwing up. Just try to breathe steady between heaves! Good luck!


littlemama1022 - April 21

Are you taking your prenatal vitamins? If you are keeping them down, things should be alright. Just dont get dehydrated.


iakram - April 24

Hi knpandrews - how did you U/S apt go? Hope you got to see your tiny bean and all is well. Seriously about the meds don't worry I took them with my son all the way till 9 weeks. Like I said this time around I take 1 tablet before I got to sleep - I'm not an advocate for meds during preg but this is how my Dr put it the 1st time around, she would rather put me on meds [that are safe] and gain weight then try and fight it own my own! Anyhow - I also know how you feel about MC just before this preg I too had a MC - that preg and the preg with my son were very similar M/S 24/7 - I would literally starve b/c I was so fearful of vomitting literally everything I ate! My M/S and the M/C obviously were not related [so I'm told] but I do feel guilty that I wasn't able to eat enough. Anyhow hope you're feeling better :)


iakram - April 24

not 9 weeks till the 9th month heh heh



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