Is It Normal For Breast Tenderness To Come And Go

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Dale - March 4

I am 4 weeks and 5 days pg. Is it normal for br___t soreness, tenderness to come and go?


sara - March 4

I would definately say so.


Linda - March 4

Dale, I'd check w/ doc. My stopped hurting at 8 weeks, and my progesterone is very low. I am now bleeding and may miscarry. They put me on progesterone suppositories! Don't be scared, just get checked! Good luck to you!


Dale - March 4

I had my progesterone done it was 31.3 and rose to 37.2 I am taking progesterone pills.


sonia - March 9

me too i'am 4week my b___st tenderness come and go please is it normal


noams - March 9

me too, It is my second pregnancy I am 5 weeks. My b___sts are a little sore now and then


elly - March 9

i've had the soreness come and go... and my doctor says it's fine. symptoms come and go he says.


jenjen - March 10

i am 3 weeks and my b___sts are sooo sore doc said it's normal


W - March 10

I am 8 wks and my symptons come and go all the time.. It is very normal I wouldn't worry


J - March 10

I am 9 weeks and some days my b___bs hurt and some days they don't I often push on them to see if they are still tender and they are.


lisa - March 16

I had a little brown bleeding then b___st tenderness went over a week, thought a had had a missed misscarage, convinced myself as I have had one misscarage and one missed miscarage at 10 weeks before but had a scan 4 days later which showed a healthy 6 week embryo with heartbeat! a week later the sore b___sts came back, i know how you feel.


vivi - March 16

Mine come and go also. I'm 11 week, I saw the fetus & normal heartbeat.


maria - March 16

my bbs were hurting tons up to 5 weeks and then started on and off, since then i'm almost 9 weeks and it seems like sometimes it hurts (or I;m more aware of it) and others I don't even realize anything.. I;ve had 3 u/s with strong heartbeats and growing on time.. knock on wood but so far (as of two days ago) - the baby is moving and fine!



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