Is It Normal To Have An U S At 11 Weeks

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AMB - March 12

This is my first pregnancy and my doctor just ordered an ultrasound after the first visit with her. I did not question her because I thought it was normal but when my boss went to see her the next day(we go to the same OB) she asked and they said they normally don't do one until later unless they think my dates are incorrect (which i know they are not because I know exactly the date we conceived) OR that my uterus is bigger than it ought to be at this point. Could this mean I am having twins? And why don't you think they told me that this was early for an U/S? I would appreciate any input! Thanks!!! :-) Waiting and anxious!


Kim - March 12

From everything I have read on these boards, it appears as if most women go for their first u/s around 8-12 weeks, some as early as 6 weeks. But every Dr. and every pregnancy is different. I don't think that 11 weeks is that abnormal to have an u/s, though. I will have my first around 9 weeks. Good luck!


AMB - March 12

Thanks Kim, my boss kind of scared me and made me think it wasn't normal. I was excited about it for about an hour until I got back to work and she freaked about it. You have put my mind at ease! Is this your first? I am 10 weeks on Monday and will here the heartbeat in a week at the U/S! Thanks for your input! I hope you have a great pregnancy! :-)


Kim - March 13

AMB, no problem. Remember that everyone's experience is different and when a first u/s is done may also depend on your insurance or what country you are in. Mine is not a guarantee at 9 weeks but I have asked for one to see the heartbeat because we are waiting until then to tell people. Also, every Dr. is different. You're boss never should have scared you like that and I am surprised that they gave her any information at all. Yes, this is my first and I am worried as anything but trying to think positive. I am starting my 8th week today and I have limited symptoms. I can't wait until my first appt. on 03/25. Good luck to you and I hope that you have a great pregnancy, too! Where are you at? I am in CA and I recently switched Dr's due to insurance reasons. I noticed that my new Dr. is a lot more willing to schedule an u/s and put my mind at ease but my old one was not and only did them at certain intervals, regardless.


To AMB - March 13

I had an u/s at 6 weeks and then at 10 weeks and 5 days. We saw the heart beat at 10 weeks it was really cool. Everyone I know gets a u/s on their first visit to date the pregnancy. I think it's perfectly normal, don't listen to people who try to freak you out. Good luck and take care. BTW, when is your due date? -M


AMB - March 13

Thanks for responding! Have you girls gained any weight yet? I am 10 weeks tomorrow and have gained 7 pounds. (I started at 107 and my parents are suprised since I am so small). My parents were not happy that my doctor told my boss anything and are calling her to schedule a meeting. (They are both doctors) My parents said that they may be doing an U/S to see if I am big enough to deliver naturally since I am so small. I am in Orlando and my due date is 10/10. :-) I can't wait!!! When are you both due? Is this your first M? Good luck on the 25th Kim. Do they think they will be able to hear the heartbeat then? I went on Thursday (I was 9w3d and they told me it was too early. i hope things work out for you guys and keep me informed!!! Good night! (it's almost 9 here) Oh...and be glad you aren't haven't bad symptoms yet Kim...the nausea sucks!!! I get it mostly at night!


kim j - March 13

Every doc and mid wife is different. With my 1st son I didnt have an ultra sound until I was about 4 months. I am about 7 weeks preggo and seen my midwife on Friday and she is having me get an ultra sound in 2 weeks. So who knows??? I also know that you can usually hear the heartbeat around 10 to 12 weeks... Good luck ladies!


Kim - March 14

AMB, this is my first and I am due on 10/30, although this date may change after my first appt. As for hearing the heartbeat, 9 weeks will most likely be too early but I am hoping that we are able to see it that day since that will make me feel so much better. I know that I am lucky that I don't have a lot of symptoms yet but that also makes me worry. We'll see what the next few weeks bring. Best of luck to you at your upcoming u/s. Keep us informed.


J - March 14

I had one at 6 weeks and one at 8 weeks and will have another one between 18-20 weeks.


M - March 15

Yes, this is my first and I'm thrilled. Don't worry about not hearing the heartbeat at 9 weeks. You can begin to hear it between 10-12 weeks. Also, don't worry about not having symptoms every pregnancy is different. I am due 9/26. I have my next visit at 14 weeks. AMB, I know everything is going to be O.K. It's hard not to worry. I know, my husband thinks I'm crazy half the time. Kim, do you remember having cramps with any of your pregnancy. If so what did they feel like? My doc. says this is my uterus streching. Anyway, good luck to both of you. Keep me informed.


AMB - March 15

I am so anxious about my ultrasound on Monday that I wake up in the middle of the night and that is all I think about. I am so tired right now! I feel like I haven't slept in weeks. Do any of you work out while pregnant? I used to all the time but find it hard to find the energy lately. I wonder if it will be like this the whole time. My doctor said that I cannot do my spinning cla__ses anymore and I was obsessed with them. (1000 calories burned every cla__s...i must say the best workout!) So now she said I can walk on the treadmill or do the stairmaster. What fun! Any suggestions??? Has anyone been to the doctor lately with new stories???


Kim - March 15

M, I have only have some mild cramps which did not last very long. They did feel like 'stretching,' as your Dr. says but they never lasted very long or were too uncomfortable.


JS - March 16

I went in yesterday at 9 weeks and heard the heartbeat for the first time - very exciting. I am scheduled for my first u/s at 17 weeks. I was told to wait that long so that I could be told the s_x of the baby (with more accuracy) at that time. I'm excited!!!



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