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Jokerzgirl - February 9

I was just wondering if it is ok to drink wine once or twice a week? I have heard different things. I have heard that people in Europe drink while they are pregnant. Can anyone answer this


Kime - February 9

i dont think i would try it... I have heard that it isn't bad to drink like one gla__s like if you at a wedding or something but once or twice a week seems like alot. Some people drink in the beginning of their pregnancy b/c they dont even know they are pregnant. some people don't even find out until they are 3 months or so, they still go to bars and everything b/c they dont know. But there might be someone out there who drinks with there child and nothing happens. But you might have one drink and it cause complications. I mean the decision is ultimately urs, but i dont think that i would take the chance... hope all goes well


Jokerzgirl - February 9

that is what i thought. i had being hearing a bunch of stuff about it. but believe me i am not drinking. i just didnt know if other people knew anything about it. thank you Kime


Miloswife01 - February 9

When I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter my husband and I were stationed in Germany and they told me that a gla__s of wine or beer a day is good for both mom and baby. I refused to do it because I was to affraid that it would hurt the baby. I am just going to say be very careful. I don't kow whether american doctors are right of if German Doctors are right I believe that the problem is that american doctors don't dare to tell us that it is ok because they are affraid of woman taking it and twisting it drinking a unreasonable amount and calling it a gla__s and then their child is born with FAS and the woman goes after the doctor and sues them. So It is easier for American doctors to say none at all. Personally I have heard from both sides and I chose to be safe then sorry.


Tammy276 - February 9

my doctor said a gla__s of wine or beer once or twice a week is fine....I personally think that is too much, but I have had a few beers throughout the pregnancy...most of the time just a 1/2 of wine or a wine spritzer....they say NO hard alcohol. It really depends on who you talk to...Some doctors will say its o.k. and others will say its it really depends.. Personally, I trust my doctor, so I will trust what she tells me.



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