Is It Okay To Cramp 3 Weeks Pregnant And Scared

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crystal74 - June 30

i am in my third week and am very scared cuz i never stopped cramping. it feels like a/f is coming. is this normal. no morning sickness yet. bbs are super sore all the time. i'm just super scared that a m/s might happen. please share your thoughts,stories, and ideas


Rhonda - June 30

Yes it is so common to have cramping,especially in early pregnancy,I am 5wks and i cramp like af is about to start.I also did the same thing with my other pregnancies.Long as the cramping is not doubling you over and you have no bleeding then you should be fine.But i never had a pregnancy that i did not cramp with in early pregnancyAnd not everybody has morning sickness,my last pregnancy i never did have any morning sickness.Congrats.on the bun in the oven.


DB - June 30

Hey crystal. I had cramping until around 7-8 weeks and even now occasionally I still have some cramps. And they hurt and felt af-ish...I got to HEAR the baby's heartbeat today...SOOOO neat...and I have yet to have any morning sickess, and I am just about 10weeks, so I think I've missed that, thank god.


ashleyd - July 1

I'm 5 weeks along, and am having the're ok :) If anything seems too unusual...go to the doc...but what you have is common.


crystal74 - July 1

oh thank god, thank you. last night i cried cuz i was so scared of having a m/s. it's just like bad period cramps. it was pretty much all day on/off yesterday. i'm okay this morning so far. i read in my pregnancy book and it scared me. it says if you have any cramps that an early sign of loss or ectopic. but then you girls gave me relief. if it get's severe i am planning on calling the nurse. i hate that they made the appt. for so far away when my dr. know's how hard it was for me to get pregnant. i think i'll call her on monday and tell her i want to come in and check everything.


crystal74 - July 1

DB - that is so awsome. i can't wait to hear my baby's heartbeat.


clm82 - July 1

I had the same fear early in my preg. I am 10w2d right now. From about 4w on, I would have bad cramping like af sometimes to the point of laying on the couch almost not able to move because it would hurt so much. I also had a little spotting, but not much. I talked to a nurse about it first and was told that as long as it did not get worse and the spotting did not get worse, then to just try to stay off my feet. Well, two days ago, I had my first ultrasound and a pelvic exam and my doctor told me that I have a tipped or backwards uterus. He said that this can cause a lot of cramping early on in a preg. but it will correct itself. He said the cramping happens as the baby is growing because the uterus has to move into a forward position. Apparently 20% or more of women have this problem for various reasons. Some are born with it(as I think is my case) and it is not always noticed. I have been having pelvic exams since I was 15 and have never been told this before. I was glad to know that the cramping was normal and I was able to see(although not hear) my baby's heartbeat so I know that the baby is okay. I guess I was also concerned about the cramping because I have really not had to many symptoms of pregnancy and none of the usual ones. I have had no morning sickness and no sore bbs. I have been very tired and according to dh very moody and difficult though. Not having the normal symptoms made me feel like I might not be preg, and with the cramping, I was worried about a m/c. But I am almost past the point where the chance of a m/c drops dramatically. Good luck with yours, and I hope the info helps someone. It would have been nice, had I known about it earlier on. I would not have worried as much.


crystal74 - July 3

thank you for replying and helping me better understand and not worry about cramps. my first appt isn't till the 20th of july so i wanted to make sure i was ok. sometimes for a few minutes they will get bad where i worry. but no blood. then it'll go away and i'll be fine for a day. i notice when i do anything, such as stretch to get something out of the cupboards, or clean, then i'll start getting cramps. or even carry anything heavy. so i've been trying to take it easy but the house aint gonna clean itself. and dh isn't very helpful with cleaning cuz he works 6 days a week, 10hr days sometimes. i told myself if it ever gets bad that i will call the nurse. my sister also told me she had cramps and it's cuz your little uterus is stretching.


laura8 - July 3

im 10 weeks today and still have af like cramps!


denise62 - July 4

has anyone had achy ness in the cervix area early on in pregnancy


Seredetia - July 4

I don't know about achiness, denise62, but I've always suffered from muscle spasms in and around that area. I have a pinched nerve that I think causes it sometimes, so maybe that is the case in your pregnancy?



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