Is It Really Safe To Have Sex

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Nichola-Jane - October 10

Hi ladies - i'm hoping for my BFP this weekend - and have a quick question. Me and my my partner tend to make love throughout the month, and that includes the lead up to AF. I've been thinking about this all month, and my problem is this - all the sites say s_x during pregnancy is safe - but that pertains to s_x later in pregnancy (5/6/7 months....). Is it safe to have s_x in the lead up to testing for pregnancy? I have found that I tend to get my AF when I use the toilet after s_x (around time it would be due) but the s_x seems to bring it on. Could this bring on a miscarriage if I happen to be pregnant? At the time of the month s_x is painful as my cervix is usually low for impending AF.....Any ideas? Thanks xx


sarah21 - October 10

No, s_x cannot lead to a miscarriage. It is absolutely 100% safe during all stages of pregnancy. While you are pregnant, your cervix becomes more sensitive and the blood vessels easily rupture, so sometimes spotting can occur, but unless that makes you uncomfortable then you can continue with your normal s_x life.


ChattyKathy - October 10

Orgasms bring on uterine contractions, so the reason why you probably were getting AF after s_x was because it stimulated your uterus to begin shedding the lining. If you are pregnant this wont happen. The baby is perfectly safe inside your uterus, and there is no reason for concern. Yes, s_x does still bring on contractions (you may feel a little bit of cramping after s_x when you are pregnant) but it wont hurt the baby or cause you to have the baby unless you are in the third trimester and your body is starting to get ready to go into labor.


Nichola-Jane - October 10

Thank you so much. I asked this question in the Signs of Pregnancy section and got the same answers. Its just been a real concern of mine! I'm hoping for my BFP this weekend. Maybe this is why my cycles have been ranging from 26days to 30days....if I had an orsasm at 26days - maybe thats why my periods have come on early?? Before ttc I was a regular 28 days like clockwork - wasn't on pill or anything - but since trying its all gone belly up! Fingers crossed xx



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