Is Pain When Coughing Sneezing Normal

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scarlett - April 29

I'm about 14 weeks along, and when I sneeze or cough, there's some kind of pain on my abdomen. Sometimes it's a sharp pain, other times it's just a dull ache. It usually goes away after a while. Is this normal? I've been falling sick and having a flu and coughing so much lately, and I can't control the sneezing/coughing =[


pania - April 29

Hi Scarlett, I have always wondered that myself. This is my third pregnancy and I am getting it again. I also get it if I use my stomach muscles to sit up too fast. Im sure it musnt be a problem as both my boys were and are utterly perfect.Maybe its just one of those things........ anyway Goodluck and congratulations on your pregnancy.


HannahBaby - April 29

YES its totally normal. It is the round ligaments. It happens to me all the time lately i am 16 weeks with my 2nd. With my first i was laying in bed and sneezed and it was the worst pain that i ever felt in my life (until labor) But trust me, its all good!!


Perl - April 29

Allergy season is here and I'm doing a lot of sneezing and coughing too and yes, it hurts me too. I've tried to sneeze a little less strongly because of the discomfort it causes down low on my tummy.


Erynn21 - April 29

I got a really bad cold in my 1st tri and got that all the time I thought something was going to tear or the baby would be hurt. I am now 22 wks. and that pain is gone, it's just from everything stretching. The worst thing was coughing, it just hurt, one night I was coughing so hard and I couldn't sleep all I could do was cough and cry =( It did get better, and my cold went away, now I feel great. Good luck


18wbabynov - April 30

hey... ive been pretty sick too... and i had that same question! i have that same pain when i caugh or sneeze... it sounds like its normal! good to hear! im 13wks with my 1st


emilymalm - April 30

I'm 16wk and get that all of the time, especially when coughing or sneezing. My allergies are absolutely terrible so been doing a lot of sneezing. I asked my OB about it and she said it's just from the round ligaments, as HannaBaby pointed out. Erynn21, so you don't get this anymore? I'm looking forward to mine going away and hoping I won't be feeling this until I deliver.


venus_in_scorpio - April 30

I have that too... my doctor didnt know what to tell me. but that its probably benign. :) good luck



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