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butterflies - July 12

I am 7 weeks preg. today. Up until last weekend, I didn't have really any symptoms at all. Then on Friday, I got really bad indigestion that lasted all weekend. I felt fine until I ate something then I would feel horrible. Now, I don't really have it anymore and I am back to feeling just fine. Is the disappearing of a symptom like that a sign that something is wrong? I talked to the dr. office yesterday and they said that all my bloodwork last week was normal. Is it possible to miscarry and not know it? This is my f irst and I just don't know what to expect at this point. It just seems that I should have more symptoms (not that I WANT to be sick). I am really worried, but I don't want to be one of those that calls the dr. office every day for no reason. Am I just being really paranoid? Does anyone else feel like this?


jeni23 - July 12

my second pregnancy was the same symptoms came and went,my daughter is now gonna be 3 in a week:)


marylou - July 12

Any surge of hormones - which is always a good thing - can make you have symptoms of pregnancy... especially heartburn. I had the same thing with both of my pregnancies and although it is annoying, it is really nothing else. It is very rare to have a miscarriage and have no bleeding or spotting or cramping. I am not expert, but I am a RN and am pretty confident in what I am telling you. Good luck and enjoy this boring part of pregnancy - you will feel it all too soon trust me. I was paranoid with my first and wanted rea__surance at least once a week because I didn't feel pregnant - fortunately I worked at the hospital and my doctor and nurse friends were willing to look with u/s or listen to the heartbeat to give me a peace of mind. LOL ! I was really CRAZY - must be those hormones again. Congratulations!!! Take care.


debbie80 - July 12

Jeni~ I am also 7 weeks and I really do not have any symptoms at all. I have expereinced dizziness and headaches, but thats about it. I was at the doctors the other day and they said to enjoy my pregnancy....with or without symptoms..she said that some people get sick and others do not...two of my girl friends didnt know they were pregnant until almost 3 months because they had no symptoms at all..I guess we are the lucky we are complaining that we do not feel a thing but next month..we will be saying I think we spoke to soon about having no congrats on your pegnancy...this is my first as well...


debbie80 - July 12

I ment for this posting to go to B___terflies..sorry


Narelle - July 12

Congratulations, I am 7 weeks also with my first. Isn't it amazing how paranoid we can be. I have hardly had any symptoms well no morning sickness but the sorest & itchy b___bs. I find that I can't eat big meals anymore seems to take soooo long to digest but apparently pregnancy can do weird things, not that I want morning sickness that thought I would have it considering my mother & sister had it terribly. I am getting worried that very little symptoms means somethings wrong or I am going to have a horrible labour but waht I read was that just less than 1/2 pregnant women don't get sick. When are you due?


b__terflies - July 12

Thank you so much everyone for your rea__surance. I am normally not this paranoid, so it really must be the hormones. I do feel much better this evening. I was really freaking out this morning when I posted. I am not due until end of Feb. and I just don't know how much I can take of not being in control of my body! It is SO strange. After 32 years of doing what I want with it, it now has the best of me! I am going to stop complaining about my lack of symptoms because I have read so many of the other women on this forum are so sick. I truly feel horrible for them, so therefore, I will accept the gift that has been given to me. Again, thank you all so much for taking the time to respond. DH and I haven't told anybody yet so I don't really have anyone to talk to about this stuff. I am so happy I found this site. Congratulations to all you others!


newmommy20072007 - July 14

hi! well, my symptoms seem to disappear and it makes me so nervous!! is it normal for symptoms to come and go? i'm 9 weeks and had a m/c before with no signs at all! no cramping,bleeding or anything! i saw the heartbeat on 7-11 but i'm always worried all the time! any advice???



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