Is Something Wrong With My Pregnancy

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Tchild - April 10

I am going out of my mind. I had a miscarriage in Nov 2004. It was my first pregnancy and was made harder by the fact that i miscarried twins. It took 14 months to get pregnant again. I had my first ultrasound today at 11 weeks 3 days. However the tech did a va___al u/s and only saw a sac. She said there wasnt a heart beat and when i asked if she at least saw the baby she said i wasnt 11 weeks and it looked more like 6-7. Which is impossible. My lmp was Jan 19th. I found out i was pg Feb 14th. Which was like 9 weeks ago. I asked her how that could be and she said "dont know" I am so scared. Has anyone had this happen to them? What was the result? The tech wouldnt even tell me anything except good luck. I am trying to remain hopeful but it is so hard. I dont want to lose a third child. But i feel like thats whats happening. Any advise?


knpandrews - April 10

Tchild... I honestly can not tell you what is going on. If by chance maybe you miscalculated then you might be not as far along as you suspected. However, I can offer you my thoughts and prayers that everything works out. I am currently 13 wks. tomorrow and I had a miscarriage 1 year ago. Its hard to imagine loosing another one. Please try and kep your head up and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Tchild - April 10

Thank you Knpandrews. I am trying to remain optimistic but its really hard to do. I am going to see my obgyn tomorrow so hopefully she can shed some light on the problem. However i know i couldnt have miscalculated... my husband and i only had s_x twice since my lmp Jan 31 and Feb 1... then we both got sick. Then i found out i was pregnant. My last miscarriage started after intercoarse so i havent let him touch me :( I hope everything goes well with your pregnancy. By 13 weeks i'd say you're mostly out of danger. Congrats


angelinakai - April 10

tchild.. i'm sorry that you're going thru this. i know how it feels... i had a m/c 1 week and 4 days ago. i wish i could help you, but i dont really know what it could be. the u/s techs are not very helpful at all.. keep us updated and if you need anyone to talk to, i'm on a lot or you could email me. [email protected] i hope everything is ok.


christa0120 - April 11

TChild...your story is very similar to mine. I mc'd my 1st and it took 15 m to conceive my son after. From what you say above it doesn't sound too hopeful...I am so sorry to say. I wish all the luck and healing and I hope you seek help from a Reproductive Endocrinologist who may be able to help you with your issues.


Tchild - April 11

I went back to my doctor today. She sent me for blood work today and again on friday i go... she says it all depends on how my hcg goes. She said maybe i was wrong about the date of conception but i know i wasnt.... there wont be a baby again this time. I guess better luck next time.


angelinakai - April 11

Tchild... i am so sorry. oh honey, i wish i could give you a hug... i know how disappointing it is. if you need someone to talk to, just email me. it really helps to have some support. im so sorry.


Tchild - April 12

So, does anyone have any advise about how to get rid of the depression? The last time i miscarried i was depressed right up until the day i found out i was pregnant again and i just dont want to feel this way anymore. At leas this time i have a cool doctor who says she will give me medication if i need it and is willing to talk to me about fertility drugs and such but i just feel lost. And my husband doesnt understand. He keeps telling me, "I'll just get you pregnant again. Dont worry things will work out eventually." But i dont feel like it will. That really isnt what i want to hear. I dont know. Has anyone that has been where i am ever figured out why this kept happening to them through autopsy or anything? Well, if anyone has any advise either post or e-mail me. [email protected]



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