Is Spotting Normal At 6 Weeks

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Monica - December 18

I have brownish-red spotting at 6 weeks, is this normal?And i'm bloated too.


Layla - December 20

if its just a brownish discharge you have nothing to worry about and same goes for being bloated. however if it is blood the best thing to do is see a doctor. bleeding is not a good thing in pregnancy so best have it checked out to be on the safe side.


Shell - December 20

I am 9 weeks pregnant and at 6 weeks I bled for a few days, I was concerned and saw the doc, a lot of people say thats when the egg actually attaches and causes bleeding. I had the same thing, I'm sure everythings fine, call the dr just in case


Rochelle - December 21

I spotted from the end of my 5th week to the 7th week brownish discharge. One of those days it was actually red blood, but the red blood only lasted less than a minute. I went to the doctors and everything was fine. I am now 13 and a half weeks and everything is fine.


Dianne - December 29

I had spotting with both my children every single day for 9 months. I even had quite a lot of bleeding in the 9th month with my first child. It worried me sick, but both my daughters were born fit and healthly. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and have it very mildly again. So it is not neccesarily a bad sign at all - hope that eases your mind a bit!


Rissa - September 28

Been spotting myself and am about 8 weeks have been worried sick but thanks for the info, helping to relieve my mind.


Angelbaby - September 28

I am just about 6 weeks pregnant myself and have had off and on brown spotting for about 2 weeks. I'm told it's normal. I haven't been necessarily bloated, but my my uteris/pelvis region has definitely been sensitive with some extremely mild contracting. I am told this is also normal. Good luck. I'm sure you are fine!


Amanda - September 29

I have the same thing except I am ll weeks. My doctor says its normal in your first trimister to spot but not mestural like bleeding.



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