Is The Baby Protected The First 8 Weeks

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Sonia - July 28

Hi all, new to this forum, which is starting to be a great deal of help! I'm 24, 14 weeks pg and I'm a little worried about my habits during the first two months. Back then I had no idea, so I drank (less than socially), was a passive smoker, and you know, just stuff you wouldn't do if you knew there was a little one on the way. I got a friend who told me that during the first two months the baby has some sort of protection, because well... it's common not to know so early and women do this kinda stuff. Have you guys heard that before? Could I trust it to be truth? I got my first ultrasound yesterday and everything showed fine, but I'm still a little worried.


Cabbie - July 28

Sit back and relax if everything looked good on the ultrasound, but for future pregnancies you need to know that the first few months are crucial in the development of a baby. This is when spina bifida and like problems are formed. I don't want to alarm you, because it sounds like you are doing great. However, there is no protection like your friend said.


Mindy - July 28

Sonia, I have never heard that. You have a growing baby inside you, everything is forming together in the first trimester. Your friend is giving you bad advice, go with your common sense and continue to try harder to keep that stuff out of you for your baby's sake. Everything you put in your body, your putting in your precious growing baby. Good Luck with your pregnancy and God Bless!


Jenna - July 28

Sonia, what your friend may be referring to is when the placenta takes over and starts supporting the pregnancy (so anything you eat, drink, ingest, or smoke crosses the placenta and effects your baby). I believe this happens by the 12th to 14th week or sometime around then. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn't know it either, and participated in some less than desirable behavior and habits. She is perfectly fine and had high Apgar scores at birth, and is now a healthy 10 year old. Don't worry about what you did before you knew. I believe the baby is well protected in utero and there is nothing you could do to cause spina bifida or neural tube defects. Just my humble opinion from what I have read. All the best to you for a healthy pregnancy and baby!! Enjoy the rest of it. Hugs.


Lupe - July 29

Neural tube defects result from folic acid defiencies.


jb - July 29

I think you will be okay. As your friend said alot of people dont know at first so they drink and do other things. As long as you stop as soon a possible I think it will be okay. Talk to your Dr about it though. I told mine and he said fine, but no more drinking.


To Jenna - July 29

Thanks that was a great post! I didn't ask this question but really thanks, I hope it puts others minds at ease too.



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