Is The Card Zapper Scanner Safe

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preggy - October 6

You know those zapper things used to scan grovery store, drug store and gym cards? Are they safe for pregnant women ? This one woman who works at the gym loves to point the zapper right at people when she scans their card. I assertively and politely asked her not to point that thing at me and I explained that I am in the early stages of pregnancy. Am I too paranoid?


Jen - October 8

I wondered about that myself.


AI - October 9

I know people who worked in the checkout line till they are 6 months pg. They seems to be okay. So they can't be that bad.


hi - October 9

Those are cla__s II Lasers, I know they should not be aimed directly at eyes, but I am unsure about harm to fetus. Do a search.


preggy - October 9

Thank you so much to those who have responded so far. I did a search and all I could find is that lasers may be unsafe in pregnancy, but there was nothing specific. Just to vent a little...I am annoyed with the woman at the gym. She seemed to think the laser thing is a toy and she is the only person who works there who holds it like a gun and zaps it right at people with a smile on her face. She was shocked when I asked her not to do that with me. I really hope there is no damage. The first time she did it I did not have time to react and I got zapped!


Sue - October 10

If you've asked her to stop and she doesn't, then report her. That's immature that she's even holding it like a gun. I would guess that you aren't the only one she's offended. I probably would be too.


mama-beans - October 11

No, that lazer can't hurt your baby.. those type of lazers are only really harmful to your eyes, as the light is very intense on your retena and could possibly cause damage. The light filtered through your belly probably wouldn't even be visable to the baby, and if it was, all the harmful brightness would have been filtered out by your skin. But she should stop pointing it at you if it makes you uncomfortable. How immature.


preggy - October 11

Thank you. I had a sonogram the other day and the fetus seemed OK, but it rea__suring to read that the laser is safe. I obsessed for a while over whether the fetus could be blind from the laser, but it sounds like you are saying that is not possible. Thank you for taking the time to answer this!



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