Is There Anyone Due In December

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Aisha - June 9

I'm due on dec 20 and I was just wondering if there's anyone else due around that time. I just turned 12 weeks yesturday and I am so happy because for the last few weeks I've been feeling so down and disturbed.


dani - June 9

Oh, yes there are lots of dec babies. See the thread that I started a while ago for the december 2005 due dates....there are a lot. I'm due 12-30-05. I'm almost 11 weeks....


K9 - June 10

I am also due on December 20th. How are you feeling? I have been doing great. I can't wait for our next ultrasound. It always helps to be able to see the baby and hear the heart beat. Good luck.


Amanda - June 10

I am due Dec 26th! Finally starting to get some energy back. Will be glad to hit the 12th week on Monday. Have a doctors appointment then too and we will get to hear the heartbeat :)


CJ - June 10

Yep, due dec. 31st. Doing much better this week, and finally getting past the nausea. Starting to get the energy back too. :)


kim - June 11

Hi everyone!I'm due on Dec.12 and I am feeling so much better.I didn't think that I was going to make it through all that nausea.


Beck - June 12

Hi Aisha, I'm 11 weeks pregnant and due on December 31st! CJ - glad to find someone due the same date as me!!! Good luck to all!


Jody - June 13

I am due dec 24th. I am still dead tired because i started working at walmart in the evenings. i had a few sonograms already beacuse i miscarried in february,,but this baby is doing fine. this is number four for me and most likely the last!


Due 12/23 - June 13

Don't feel down. You're heading towards the 2nd trimester!! :)


Bree - June 13

Hi everybody! I'm due December 28th. I, too, will be glad to hit the 2nd trimester, which will hopefully lead to some increased energy. I'm oh so drained (and lazy!). Is anyone showing yet? I feel it up very high already.


aisha - June 15

I'm glad that I'm not alone.Today I went to hear the baby's heartbeat, it counts at 125-145 and I heard that it may be a boy.Does anyone think thats true.


12/23 - June 15

Aisha - don't know if it's true or not with the heartbeat but ours was 164!! High is supposed to be a girl. I'm very curious to find out if there's any truth to this! If anyone knows - fill us in!


~*danielle*~ - June 21

hi.. im due on december 25, 2005.. christmas! yepp! ive already had one ultrasound bcz i didnt know when my last period was. i dont know what it is yet but the heartbeat was 160. im hoping for a girl but would be just as excited for a boy! its my first!! :)



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