Is There Hope For This High Risk Pregnancy

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Brooke - March 28

Hello ladies ... I am 36 years old with two girls ages 14 and 10 ... I've had two major abdominal surgeries within the past 18 months ... a tubal pregnancy removal which included removal of tube and ovary AND a ripped abdominal wall requiring the installation of a mesh screen ... we gave up trying to conceive another child after the last tubal incident (18 months ago.) We made plans to get on with our future and I applied to various grad schools ... we are moving in one year to Oklahoma so I can go to OU ... and now I am recently diagnosed as pregnant. Do I have to tell you I am scared? It is definitely considered a high-risk pregnancy (I was in a motor vehicle accident where I was thrown from the car and it landed on top of me and crushed my pelvis and reproductive organs plus all of the other preg failures - I've had six miscarriages total but my two girls made it.) Anyway ... went in yesterday and my hcg level was 1600 and went in this morning for my first vag US and it showed a gestational sac and a yolk sac but no heartbeat (but that is normal for this stage, I guess) and I have to go back tomorrow for another hcg level check and also Friday for another US to see if things are progressing normally ... if you believe in prayer ... anyway ... is 1600 hcg level too low? someone earlier said something about being 5 weeks and in the 8715 range ... whoa!


Brooke - March 28

UPDATE: This original question got lost in another discussion forum when I posted it last week ... today is Easter Sunday, and last Thursday my hcg level went up to 5078 ... so instead of at least doubling, it did triple ... should I allow myself to get excited yet?


D - March 28

I'm the sort of person who believes there is hope until it becomes obvious it can't. Keep praying! It may work out just fine! I think in your situation, I would be what I call "cautiously excited."


Misty - March 28

You are going to be excited....and scared wether you want to be or not. :-) I for one though wish you lots and lots of luck.


- - - - - - - - - - - April 6

Are you still with us? What is going on with you? Give us an update please! Ladies ...has anyone heard from her?


Misty - April 6

Yeah, I saw her in another thread about smoking and she was saying that she is 8 weeks pregnant right now. I would say she is doing o.k. She was still pregnant and if she was worried about any problems in her pregnancy she didn't let on about it. But then again I didn't ask , so who know. I''m sure she will probably post when she see's this though.


Brooke Crow - April 6

(Smile) ... thank you Misty! you caught me (blush) ... I am so lonesome, and very new at this discussion panel stuff ... I read it all the time and marvel at how women talk back and forth ... I just wanted to get my own conversations going ... thank you for peeking. I am doing well! Approaching the offical 8 week mark ... and have cut WAY DOWN on my nasty smokes (from 30 a day to 10) and everyone is proud of me. My U/S last week showed a strong heartbeat, and the size was 5 days bigger than "lmp date" ... lots of discomfort, pulling in the abdomen area, and nausea/sore b___sts ... so everything is fine so far. He wants to see me again next Tuesday for another U/S ... i am praying and still doing what I need to do to make sure this baby is healthy. When is your baby due?


Misty - April 7

The edd is Oct. 26th, so that would put me at 12 weeks 13 weeks? I'm not sure about the week part. Feeling a lot better now though then I did when I was 8 weeks pregnant. I'm so glad that you are doing O.K. Any child you have sure has to go through a lot to get to the conception stage it seems like so you are very lucky.


D - April 7

Hi! I'm glad to hear you are doing ok! I was just rereading your original post... and it really struck me, you know, if you really think about it, you've experienced a lot of miracles in your life.... you've survived some pretty major life-threatening situations! So, it doesn't surprise me that it seems you are getting another one! Good luck! ;-)


Brooke Crow - April 7

I am impressed, Misty. You do not "know me from Adam" ... and yet you uncannily read between the lines of what my heartfelt message was trying to achieve within the "smoking thread." Thank you ... although it appears I failed miserably in getting my point across. I am confused at times at how some women seem so defensive and eager for confrontation ... but I suppose it is our own fears and insecurities coming out when we respond that way. You stuck up for a stranger, and I appreciate it.


Brooke Crow - April 7

To D: yes ma'am ... I do recognize that God has had a hand in all of my miracles ... despite my hand in all of my tragedies ... I honestly don't know what I've done to deserve such intervention ... and what I've done to deserve this surprise opprtunity to bring another child into the world after so many heartaches and disappointments ... but, I can say that I thank Him everyday that goes by and my "little miracle" is hanging in there ... and, despite my imperfections, I strive daily to be what this precious unborn child deserves. When I realize the miracle I have been given charge over ... it humbles me to tears ... but I am doing the absolute best I can.


Misty - April 7

You are very welcome. On days that I am not hormonal I generally tend to see things pretty clearly, so when people are hormonal and take things the wrong way I generally put my two cents in with what they were trying to say. Generally then I get yelled at but that is the way of crancky hormonal pregnant women. That is just something of the way I am, I always try to understand people. You would think I should be a councelor or something but that line of work would drive me absolutely nuts.


Brooke - April 7

My HCG level at 4w6d was 1280 and they told me that it was in the normal range but on the low side.


Misty - April 7

So if your last reading was at just over 4 weeks and now you are about 8 you should be about ready for another appointment. Mine is tomorrow. I am so excited about it. I had a miscarriage recently so I am scared to death about this one. Hoping when I go in tomorrow it will put my mind at ease.


Brooke Crow - April 7

You'd be a good one ... but, you're right ... it'd drive you crazy! Especially if you had to work with sensitive females day-in-day-out ... but I've seen you pop in and out of various threads, and you are cool-headed ... maybe you ought to seriously look into it?


Misty - April 7

I'm going to school right now to be a paramedic. That is somewher that me being coolheaded can also do a lot of good, just in a different kind of way. I couldn't stand having an office job all day. And I am not always cool headed with my replies. Sometimes I get what people are saying but I just think they are I tell them that. If I was a councelor I am afraid I would tell someone to quit being such a hard headed jacka__s and look at what they are doing and I would get fired. :-) Hehe, no, sometimes people make me sick, I wouldn't always be dealing with people that I like, it just isn't for me.


Brooke Crow - April 8

Misty - there is another Brooke floating around - and that is why I've added my last name to my responses ... the "Brooke who said her hcg levels were 1280 at 4wks and you responded to her thinking she is about 8 wks" is not me ... btw, how'd your appt go today?



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