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Kairi_x - December 24

There's a very high chance that I'm pregnant and my gut feeling is saying a very positive yes. However, one minute I'm happy and the next minute I want to burst into tears for no reason or I just get really stressy. My emotions are going up and down and I can't keep track of them. I'm also sooo tired. I feel like I could just put my head on anything and fall asleep. At night I can't sleep properly because I have restless legs that keep me awake and if I do fall asleep, I wake up needing the toilet (which is very unsual for me) and find it hard getting back to sleep again. I have also got period like pains quite low in my tummy but they're milder and pretty uncomfortable. They come and go but never last for more than 5mins at any one time. My br___ts are soo sore aswell. I have written another post but nobody replied so I've written this one instead. Please answer because I'm feeling quite low :( I've worked out that I'd be 2w5d pregnant today if I am.


sashasmama - December 24

You have all the pregnancy symptoms, but then again it could be pms, they sort of mimic each other. Did you take a test? I a__sume you are counting from conception day. How late are you for your period? Since this is the time your period would start, it's normal to have the cramping, but if it's accompanied by bleeding then it's either your period or a miscarriage - if indeed you were pregnant. If it's the symptoms that are making you upset, then I must tell you that they will get worse before getting better. But you are not alone!


Kairi_x - December 24

well my last period was 5th december. and im due 2nd january. but I only ever get cramps etc a day before.. I've never ever had them over a week before my period is due.. which I think is quite odd. I'm waiting to see if I'm late and then I'll test.. but my gut feeling is so strong about it and I feel quite different :/ I've had this for the last 4 days. Symptoms aren't making me upset, I'm just getting upset for no reason I think haha. So confusing. x


Kairi_x - December 25

I don't know how to stop feeling so tired either, I feel like I have no energy at all. If I was to take a test over a week before my period is due... would it come back negative even if I am pregnant?


cynthia3 - December 26

Yes, it would likely be negative so early, so resist the urge to test until your period is due.


calicandy - December 26

omg, just a few weeks ago I was feeling like you.... same sympthoms, same worries, and I sure was pregnant! Wait until 3 days before your period is due and use first response, I fund out to be the earliest to give a pregnancy line. Good luck!


Kairi_x - December 26

Thank you so much for the replies :D calicandy, congrats!!! I'm so excited. However, I know this sounds stupid but last night I was in tears because I've never had these symptoms before and it's really got my hopes up and I'm so scared it's going to come back negative. But seeing as you've had the same symptoms, same worries etc... hopefully it'll be the same as you :D Thank you :) x


FrancesM - December 26

Kairi, I am 7w4d and I too have the leg thing. I hate that! I will sleep for about 1.5-2 hours then wake up with my legs bothering me...I have not had it the past week but I have to get up and sit in the living room till I doze and then crawl back in bed. My b___bs are still killing me and have slept in a bra for the past 3 weeks! I hate taking it off!! Sounds like you are having pg symptoms. Good luck testing!


Kairi_x - December 26

Yeah it's so annoying! I hate the feeling of it and how you can't get rid of it grrr. Congrats to you though yay :D I really hope I am. I've been cramping quite a bit today and feeling very sick.


FrancesM - December 26

Kairi, We actually switched mattresses. I am not sure if that helped or not. I hate that feeling so much! Why are you feeling sick? Like morning sickness sick? I know that feeling well. I have not actually thrown up but I have terrible bouts of nausea. When are you going to test? Do you know when you ovulated??


Kairi_x - December 26

Well today is the first day I've been feeling sick.. but I have to stop what I'm doing and lay down. Its been coming and going throughout today. I'm due for my period 2nd January and I'm always dead on time so if I'm late I'll test then. I ovulated at around.. the 16th or 17th I think.


Kairi_x - December 27

I also keep getting little twinges/pinches low in my abdomen and it feels quite odd. I woke up this morning with a really bad low backache too. what are the chances of the test being positive do you think?


newlywed0915 - December 27

all of your symptoms sound like you'e going ot get a BFP really soon hun! Good luck! Those twinges and pinches are definitely symptoms too. I experienced symptoms as early as a few days after conception. Weird- but yes, its possible. I started to experience the twinges the end of the first week of my pregnancy.


FrancesM - December 27

Kairi, everything you are saying sounds really good. I can not wait to hear in a few days! I wish you all the luck!!


Kairi_x - December 27

Thank you soooo much for the replies. I really need rea__surance atm :) because at the moment, I don't know why but I keep crying because I'm so scared it's going to come out negative. Maybe I feel it's too good to be true. I reallyreally hope it's positive. I really do. x


Sarahelf - December 27

Well, I hope you get a BFP!!! GL!


FrancesM - December 28

Kairi, how are you feeling today? Better I said you are 2w5d from conception?? I am confused on your timing...I hope you get your bfp too. Keep us updated....



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