Is This Normal No Embryo Yet

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angelisa - May 16

Hello everybody!I had my scan today (I am supposed to be 6 weeks but the doctor think 5 weeks)..We have seen the yolk and the amniotic sac byt no embryo..There was a little something pilsing but the gynaec was not sure it was the heartbeat.He told me that it is too early so he want to scan me in two weeks but I am so scared!Is it normal that I can't see the embryo and the heartbeat yet?


Leilani14 - May 16

Hi! I had U/s when I was supposed to be 5weeks 5days due to some spotting. There was only yolk sac and no fetal pole or heartbeat. Dr told me that it was to early so I had repeat U/s at 6weeks 5 days and there was baby 5mm long with heart beat. Dr told me it measured 6weeks 2 days. Dating from my LMP was 3 days off and it made a difference. I'm 22 weeks now and baby is doing great. Try not to panic, at this stage just few days can make huge difference. Take care


firesoot - May 17

I had an ultrasound this am - belly and internal as have tilted uterus and the sonographer couldn't see anything through the abdomen. I had been spotting for the last three days, some spots of bright red and some brown/pink when going to the bathroom on the loo paper. Thought I was about 9 weeks pregnant, but sonographer said looks like 6 weeks. She could see pregnancy sac but no embryo. Said can't tell either way whether just too early to see the embryo (I'm also hoping that my tilted uterus is a factor), or there is a problem. I go for another scan in two weeks so fingers crossed.


SashaP - May 19

I had a u/s at 5w 3d and they could only see the sac with a yolk sac in it. They said it was perfectly normal and a good sign. They usually can't even see the yolk sac at that time. She said if there is a yolk sac then there is a baby. I have another u/s for Tuesday to make sure everything is still ok. I'll be 8 weeks then. Good luck with your next u/s.


angelisa - May 20

Thank you for all your support! I will keep you posted!!!!


Amber77 - May 22

yes it is normal! I went in at (what I thought was ) 5wk6days and there wasn't anything except the yolk in the sac. 2 days laters went back (I was and still am spotting) and there was the heartbeat. I was off a couple of days on how far along I was....


firesoot - May 23

Sad to say I miscarried, starting bleeding really heavily after my ultrasound with heavy bleeding and cramps for the next three days. Disappointing, but not deterred and realise just one of those things. Hubby and I are now on ma__sive health kick and trying again after next month. This time atleast we'll be doing as much as possibile to minimise the risks. Hope everything goes well for you.


angelisa - May 23

Hi feresoot.I am really sorry!!I hope you get well soon.Be positive and have faith..I wish you all the best and we will be here waiting for you!!!!



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