Is This Normal Or A Miscarraige PLEASE HELP

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cassie - September 6

woke up this morning with (Sorry this is kind of graphic, but i am scared now) with a big glob of mucousy discharge on the t.p. and it was tinged pink. Someon thought it might be because I had s_x the night before. Pregnancy tests are negatvie but I think i am so at this point i would be about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant. Is this normal? Also, i have been having white, stretchy, mucous-like discharge for the last week or so. Does all of this sound normal, especially the big glob of it. Thanks for any help! I did have s_x the night before, someone said that is what it might be from


v - September 19



Jennifer - September 23

I have had similar experiences in my pregnancies - my first one was very similar. Bad news- my doctor called this a threatened miscarriage. Basically - (not to brag) my husband is too big and was irritating the cervix. We were ordered not to have s_x until after the first trimester. Also it has been said some women can not handle s____n during pregnancy, that it actually causes the placenta to pull away from the uterus. Though it reattaches usually, will cause what you are describing. The stretchy mater is normal too. Hang in there.


Oklahoma - September 23

I also had this problem with my pregnancies. You may just have a very sensitive cervix. With my first child every time I had intercourse, I had a mucousy discharge, or spotted. Have you had a blood test? If not I would talk to your doctor and get one. That will let you know for sure if you are pregnant.


Claire - September 23

Hello Everyone. I hope someone can help me or just give me advice. Right my partner and I had unprotected s_x last months and for the past two weeks i've had terribly sore b___bs and the veins are very blue especially round my right nipple, i also keep waking up throughout the night - my period is due 2moz but i've been getting a strange cramping like period pains but more achey, i started spotting with started brown and now is pinky - my period is normally very heavy - i've done two tests and both where negative - any ideas what is could be, do you think im pg



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