Is This Normal To Feel That You Just Want Teh Baby To Be Bor

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Topose - December 5

i'm 2months and all i want is for the remaining 7months to just fly and be here, because i always feel tired and extremely sick. the other day my neck was to stiff and paining it didnt want to turn i had to turn my hole body if i needed to do something and according to the Dr my Pregancy causes that, others enjoy their pregancy days. i must say mine are difficult and its only 2months.i'm not over reacting but i give respect to all the mothers out there, the experince has given me a clear angle on how to look at life differently. is it norma to feel that i just want the baby to be born as.


mjvdec01 - December 5

Absolutely! This is my second pregnancy, and so far it sucks. I'm tired, I feel sick, and I have to chase around a toddler all day. If they had a chamber I could lay in stasis for the next 33 weeks and wake up for the delivery I would do it! At least that's how I feel now. Take solice in knowing that it does get better. Most women do not have morning sickness for their entire pregnancy, when you hit about the 12 week mark you will begin to feel much better. You will get your energy back and be able to enjoy being pregnant. Then at about 7 and a half months you will begin to get really, really uncomfortable and find it very hard to sleep at night.At that point you will really feel the baby moving all the time and be pre occupied with the impending birth that it won't seem that bad. Just be sure to milk your misery for all it is worth!! Back rubs, foot ma__sages, and whatever else floats your boat. You will be fine. There is nothing like pregnancy, don't wish away the experience. Why don't you get a pregnancy journal and record you feeling, pains, and doctor visits. You can buy them at most greeting card stores like Hallmark. Babies 'R' Us carries them too. Have some fun with it.


Faye84 - December 5

I know what your going through, im one of those mothers that didnt and stil dont like being pregnant. Oh well, its all worth it in the end, trust me when you hit 8 months you will be appreciating your body much more than you did before you were pregnant



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