It Is Due To My Irregular Periods

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vicrika - January 31

I have irregular periods will not get one from 30-50 days (varies). I tested positive on a Preg Test on 1-9-06 @ home. Clinic confirmed it on 1-12-06. I was on BC in November 05 stopped for Dec and started period on Dec 06, 2005. I went to doctors appt stated I was (wheel chart) about 7 wks and 1 day. Doctor did sonogram stated looks like 4 weeks (only sees sac). How can this be?!?!? I also bled for about 30 minutes with my husband after s_x. What is going on I have my pregnancy symptoms still. Please help.


nanny03 - February 1

I have the same dliema..I did a home preg. test(2 0f them) and they came out positive. I was shocked b/c I have irregular periods. I had been off bc for a year and was diagnosed w/ PCOS not long after that. So the past year has been a roller coaster w/ my periods. I took Provera off and on til Nov. 05 and had a period in Dec. 05. Now, a week and a half ago I found out I was preg. My first doc. visit was unusual..b/c He couldn't tell me how far along I was b/c of my irreglarity. My ultra sound wasn't showing I was 7 weeks along...he said it was too ealry to tell anything. All we saw was a sac confirming I was preg. So, You can imagine how sad I was leaving the doc. I was confused. But they did some bloodwork. And took my HCG levels..I was 3500 last week, and 4000 this week, so the baby is growing. Even if the numbers didn't double like they should. I have another ultra sound Thurs. I can't wait!! Good luck w/ everything. Don't be too nervous. Just hang in there!


vicrika - February 1

Thanks Nanny. It helps that I am not the only one going through this. I have my next sonogram in 2 weeks I am nervous and scared but I should relax. I don't feel that nervous when I still feel my pregnancy symptoms now im getting m/s!!!


kristenk0329 - February 1

Well the wheel chart they use is just an estimate, they do an u/s to be more specific on due date. According to my last period, I should be 11 weeks, but the u/s puts me at 9 weeks now. And yes, irregular periods have alot to do with it.



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