It S Positive Due Sept Anyone Else

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mustangcassie - December 25

Hi. After losing my 1st bub at 13 weeks in June 08, not getting my af after dc till sept 08, I got a very faint positive christmas eve. But a positive none the less... So of course i did 5 more tests and they are all positive. (AF due 3 days away dec 27) I gave my husband a christmas card with the tests all sticky taped inside... He cried! Bless... Hopin this one sticks. Anyone else in the same boat?


PuRpLeSkY - December 25

Hi mustangca__sie, I also just found out I'm pregnant, today in fact so I guess we will be due around teh same time


chargersbabe09 - December 25

Hey mustangca__si, that was a great idea. I should have done the same. I just found out i'm pg on xmas eve. we have been trying for 6 months after lossing our first 3 years ago. Congrats and purplesky you and i will have the same due dates. Mine is aug 24th


FallenFromHeaven - December 26

Hi mustangca__sie. I just found out I was pregnant today. 1 day late for my period. This is my first and I'm very excited. FF puts my due date at 9/3.


mustangca__sie - December 27

I'm having some trouble working out my due date cos my cycles are 35 days long. So i am counting from a week before I ovulated which puts me in Sept. I only ov two weeks ago. How great for all you girls, That is tops. Last time was hard cos my hcg never rose as it should but the baby kept growing and had heartbeats on the U/S. just when we accepted that everything was ok at 13 weeks, we went for our down syndrome scan and there was no heartbeat. i was devastated. things have worked out ok though because I would have been due christmas day and xmas eve, I find out that i am pregnant again! Ps. I just did another test in a different brand and am still positive. crazy. How exciting that i post something and there are 3 other women who just had the same thing happen to them. The world is a pretty big awesome place! Ca__s


mustangca__sie - December 27

By the way, C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !


singlem0m - December 28

Hello MustangCa__sie! Your story sounds very similar to mine. My AF was due on the 26th and I found out I was expecting on Christmas Eve. Loved the way you told your husband. I told mine the same exact way but I wrapped my tests up in a gift box. I haven't been to the dr. yet but due date calculators are projectimg sept 4th. When is your due date? Are you having symptoms yet? Congrats and best wishes!


mustangca__sie - December 28

hey Singlemom. I'm thinking i'm due mid sept. It's hard for me cos the calculators are for normal cycles and i have 36-38 days in mine. I ov'd on 13th dec... Symptoms? That lovely electric feeling in my b___sts and starting to get a little tired... Did another test today, that makes 8. All positive! what about your symptoms? How are you feeling?


mustangca__sie - December 28

ps. Going to dr tomorrow for the first of a few blood tests. My hcg never doubled last time so fingers crossed this time. First on tomorrow (mon). Will go back for the next one on wed. Lucky i'm on holidays...


singlem0m - December 28

8 positive tests! Thats wonderful. You definitely have a little bean in there. I believe I've taken 5 so far :) All ++ as well. I wish you the best of news at your dr's appt tomorrow, please let me know how it goes. I have an appt on Wednesday. My symptoms with this one are crazy. Ya see, I already have a daughter who's turning 2. When I was pregnant with her I didn't have any symptoms until 6 weeks, then the morning sickness hit me like a train. But I didn't test until I was 5 weeks because I was so convinced AF was coming at any minute. With this one I knew something was up before I ever missed AF. I'm nauseous, my b___sts have that electric feeling to them too, and I am SO TIRED. Because the pregnancies are so different I'm hoping for a little boy this time. I'll be very happy no matter what I get - but I know how bad hubby wants a mini-him ;) TTYL


FallenFromHeaven - December 28

Oh Goodness!! Congratulations to everyone. I have only taken that one test. I plan on calling the doctors tomorrow from work and hopefully get in some time this week. I am probably going to take the DG test tomorrow. I was really bummed that it didn't turn up positive. I guess it was to early. I will test tomorrow morning with it at 4 days late.


ksmommie - December 28

Hi girls! I'm so excited!! I got my bfp on Christmas morning. I put the positive pregnancy test in my husbands stocking!! We are very nervous because we literally just had a chemical pregnancy in November so this happened again very quickly! I had my levels checked on Saturday and go back again tomorrow to see if they have doubled - keep your fingers crossed for me girls! I'll do the same for all of you. CONGRATS!!! ps..I have been VERY TIRED today!!!!


singlem0m - December 28

CONGRATS FallenFromHeaven. Let us know how the test goes tomorrow. Also CONGRATS to ksmommie. Glad to see someone else is experiencing the fatigue. The ks in your screen name wouldn't happen to stand for kansas would it?


mustangca__sie - December 29

How cute that so many of us thought about using the christmas stocking/card idea! ksmommie: I'm about to go and get my first lot of blood taken to check the doubling time. I've been here before. 2nd app tomorrow. Very exciting for everyone. Keep posted. Fallenfromheaven: You have to let us know how ANY of your tests go. I hope all is good with you. Singlemom: When are you going for your tests? Wed? I'm in australia so that's Thursday for me. I'll be back checking on you then. Good luck Groovers! Ca__s.


ksmommie - December 29

Well the numbers doubled!! HCG came back at 125! They want me to go back in a week to make sure they're in the 1000's. Still very nervous but getting more and more excited! single..sorry no, the ks isn't kansas!


mustangca__sie - December 30

Ksmommie? Hcg 125? How many days past ovulation was that? I got 174 today. i just went to a local idiot dr and he was c___pping on that they are too low but i'm only 16DPO. I'm going back tomorrow to get another check. I know all about hcg. I had it checked every 2nd day last time for the first 3months cos it never doubled correctly. But this idiot annoyed me. Anyway, That's my complaint for this evening... Keep me posted.Hope all is great with you all..


singlem0m - December 30

Darn, I live in Kansas so I was hoping ;). Congrats on the doubling hcg ksmommie. Sounds like everything is going well for you. MustangCa__sie - that's a completely normal number for 16 dpo. That doctor sounds like a dumb arse. I actually had an appt with my OBGYN wednesday to talk about my endo. But now that I'm pregnant it was cancelled. Due to health insurance I have to go to my primary doctor first to have it confirmed then they'll refer me. My appt is Monday Jan 5th. I'll be 24 dpo by then so my levels will hopefully be high. I'm still struggling with fatigue. So tired zzzzzz.



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