Itchiness Allover Anyone Else

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dd - May 5

Hi! I am in my 12th wk and I have been feeling quite itchy over the last few days (arms, belly, chest, etc.). Is anyone else experiencing this? What could be the cause? It doesn't look like I have a rash, just itchiness...


Davida - May 5

I'm 12 wks too and it's just my belly that itches...try a softer soap or a heavier body lotion...I did develop one patch of excema behind my left knee when I was pregnant with my 10 yr old and she now has a mild case of it!


dd - May 5

Thanks Davida! I am not sure if I am developing a sensitivity/allergies to certain foods/materials or if it's just the hormones changing... Wishing you best of luck.


jena - May 5

could it be stretching? you get really itchy before your skin stretches. I'm only 9 weeks but my b___sts and belly are super-itchy - and growing!! I think that's the problem in my case, and good creamy lotion seems to help - good luck!


emma - May 5

I have had the same problem I itch all over. I am 14 w and sorry to say it is still happening.


Gina - May 6

I itch all over! My head, arms, everywhere! I dont know why!


dd - May 6

A friend of mine told me that she had similar problems while pregnant and was told to avoid highly allergenic foods like peanuts (as specific allergic reactions could be pa__sed on to the baby). Jena, I think you are right about the itchy belly from the stretching, as well.


Me - May 6

Funny you should mention this, I could have scratched my legs right off last night. All I can come up with is dry skin. Try moisturizing soaps, body washes, and lotions :)


elaine - June 21

I am exactly 11 wks pregnant and just became itchy all over yesterday...I am not sure why....


Amanda - June 21

I am itcht too legs arms and belly, alot of lotion seems to work but I am worried because this is my 2nd and with my irst I broke out in PUPPS that rash that you get I had it for two months but that wasn't until the end of my pregnancy, I know that you can take benedrayl but I don't know how much. CAll the doctor and try an oatmeal bath that should do it !!!!!! I feel your pain GIRLS!!!!


Karen - June 22

OH YES! I am betweeen 5 and 6 weeks and suffer from allergies anyway, but I break out in hives all day all over my legs! I am miserable. I have cortisone spray and I spray it all over my legs. Benadryl has a spray that works too. Good luck!


Maggie - June 22

I've been itchy too. I think it could be from the prenatal vitamins, b/c I noticed it after I started taking them. I know its not an allergic reaction b/c I have no swelling or rashes, I'm just itchy. Vaseline Intensive Care lotion has helped alleviate it a little.



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