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april - February 18

I am itching all over and I am only in week 7. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this or found any remedy? All of my research only shows the topic later on in pregnancy.


sara - February 19

Im 7 weeks pregnant too......Well actually it will be 7 tommorow, but this day is nearly over. I only itch on my belly area. After getting out the shower, I usually rubb lotion and baby oil all over that area. Be friend told me that itching was a sign of stretch marks trying to appear.


Maleficent - February 19

where specifically is "all over"? is there a rash? it's very normal to itch on your belly, legs and chest. but more severe itching could be signs of a bigger issue.


NJ - February 22

Well i had s_x without a condom and that was a couple of weeks ago i feel itching in the below but also feel pregnant is this possible?? HELP ME PLEASe ANSWER ASAP


Heather - February 22

i had it even before i found out i was pregnant.. around the time my period was due.


annmarie - February 24

I am 6 weeks pregnant and started itching a couple of weeks ago. I read that it may be due to sensitivity to hot showers. I started taking shorter showers and using oatmeal soap and it seems to have worked.


Robyn - March 2

Yeah I am 6 weeks and am itching slightly down there, wondering if there is something I should worry about.


sandra - March 2

Hi, I had itching in the evenings and throughout the night from 9 weeks onwards. This was on my shoulders arms and legs and would have huge hives. It stopped about halfway through. The doctor prescribed anti histamines (the old type) and said I was basically allergic to being pregnant!!!? I got a BFP yesterday so am 4 weeks and after taking my son for his last two swimming lessons, I've noticed my legs are quite itchy (they're not normally. so hope I don't get it again. I think it's serious when it's later in pregnancy. Hope that helps a little Sandra



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