Itchy Legs

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jsmom - March 14

I'm 12 weeks and have just spent the weekend tearing my legs off. I have the most incredible itch on both my legs. Has this happened to anyone else? Have not changed laundry detergent and have not eaten anything new.


citrouille - March 14

I'm wondering if it isn't your blood circulation? just a suggestion


sandra - March 14

I'm 6 weeks along with my second pregnancy. I got itchy arms, shoulders and legs from 9 weeks with my first. the doctor said I "was allergic to being pregnant" :-/ I had to take anti histamines (the old type) gradually wore off. it used to start in the evening and last all night. In the morning I would have what looked like huge hives all over my legs.


RR - March 14

This is my second pregnancy - Toward the end of my first pregnancy I got extremely itchy legs and arms - I am now 7 weeks and I already have the whole itchy thing again- it is awful but mine comes in waves and last for about 10 minutes at a time


NS - May 26

Could be a conditional called Cholestasis. I had it during my first pregnancy - for the last trimester. Took me 2 years to get rid of the scars resulting from the itch


erica - May 26

I have a question can your partner get it instead of me I'm 9 weeks pregnant and since we found out he's being getting hives on his legs and back.


lisa - May 26

my legs dont itch alot but my stomach and abdomen itch do.


Anne - June 21

I HAVE THE SAME THING, I itched so bad, i made myself bleed! AHHHHHHH


melissa - June 24

i had the itch all over my legs and some on arms.. (this was three years ago with my first baby) and the doc said that it was a pregnancy rash and there was back then nothing to do except ..dont take baths only showers and thewater needs to be lukewarm or cool... ... i ended up gettin steroid shots cuase it drove me INSANE ... some steroids do not enter the sac... but you should take to your doc and do research on pregnancy rash.. take care



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