Judge My Unborn S Father

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Cinshon - February 17

I know some of you don't want to hear this but I'm considering an abortion. The problem is I can't decide who fathered my child my last monthly period was Dec 29 and I had s_x with my boyfriend Jan 5 without protection then we broke up and I had s_x with an old ex of mine on Jan 14 and the spermicide condom got stuck in me and he's 34 and he said that after the second time he has s_x in a row he don't c_m and it's little if any at all. I took a test Jan 27 it was neg then again on Jan 31 it was positive. I took a ultra sound Feb14 it said I was 6weeks and Due Oct 9 and My LMP said I was due on Oct 5, The 2nd guy said he would pay for an abortion, but I would hate to know I didn't give it a chance incase it was my boyfriends. So any suggestion of who it might be?


J - February 17

If you are 6 weeks on Feb. 14th then you conceived around Jan. the 17th? So it sounds like it might be the exs' baby. I am due Oct. 12th and conceived on Oct. 19th. I would have the baby any way. How old are you and do you have a job? financial support. You can always have a dna test later and just be honest with your boyfriend. If the baby isn't his maybe he'll be a part of it's life anyway.


Rachel* - February 17

I think it is sad that you are not going to give this child a chance. Why not give it up for adoption?


stephanie - February 18

Keep it. The old ex sounds commited and it sounds like you can do amniosentesis with his DNA. I Had my son @ 16 & had my daughter @ 17. They are now 10 & 12. I am 28 and I'm hoping that this is a healthy preg. since the last 2 that I had were m/c :(. I could'nt imagine that I did'nt give the 2 children I have today a chance at life. Even if you do do it by yourself there is a way because I did it. I was a single but dating mom before I met my new guy :) for 5 years. If you decide not to keep theres adoption for ppl who are not fortunate enough to conceive or carry!!! Steph


Angela - February 21

I checked on www.pregnancy.about.com and it has a place that you can figure out your due date and it also tells the date that you concieved and by this I would say it was the first guy. Goo luck with the desicion what ever you decide it is the right one for you and only you.


Jackie R - February 21

There is no way using an online calculator will give you any real answers. What people seem not to realize is that every woman is diffrent and even every women's monthly cycles can be diffrent - thus there is no way to know the true date of conception unless you are under observation of a doctor. I'm sorry but the only way you can know for sure who the father is a paternity test. I do believe there are tests that can be done while you are pregnant I'm sure you can discuss this with your doctor. You need to decide if you want to keep this baby, have an abortion, or put the baby up for adoption. I can only imagine how hard this will be for you but you need to decide soon. You will feel better once you come up with a game plan. Just be honest with yourself as to what you want regardless of who the father is.


Cinshon - February 21

Thanks everyone for your response, although I'm still confused, my doctor call me today the day before I was going to the abortion clinic and told me he needed to reschedule a ultra sound cause they went over the ultra sound and there are two sac and he could see baby one but not baby 2 but it's definently twins. One more question just because I had my period on Dec 29 and it was over Jan 2 and I had s_x on Jan 5 would I be able to get Pregant around Jan 5-8? or is that to close to my period being ended?


to cinshon - February 21

its possible to get pregnant at anytime of the month,please think carefully before you murder your baby


stephanie - February 21

Or babies!!!


Cinshon - February 21

To Riight, I don't think that was cute calling me a whore....because I'm not and we all make mistakes. And one day you'll find out this for your self and I want you to remember me!!!


Coco - February 21

Cinshon, u do realise if u have an abortion u will not kill one baby but 2 .What if tomorrow u can't get pregnant , u will look back and think " WHy oh why did i ever do it ?".Just my honest opinion ! P.S : there aer worse things in the world than raising kids by urself.I did it, and im glad i did. Oh and , could the twins be from the 2 different guys ? like 2 spermatozoides (1 from each of them )travelled and one got there b4 the other .I guess u'll never know ! Good luck to u anyway .


annie - February 21

well, from the info you gave it looks like the father would the ex-boy because women are most fertile two weeks from the first day of their last period for 2 to 5 days. it really depends on the length of your periods...if your 28 or around their then its definetly the ex - if its shorter i would say its your boyfriends. goodluck figuring it - i hope you make the best decision. i have had an abortion before and have never felt bad about that decision - im pregnant now and loving every bit of it...so ultimately its a personal choice...consider all aspects before you make a decicion. and your definetly not a whore - everyone is different and everyone makes mistakes...im only 21 and pregnant again - but rmbr no matter what people will talk b/c that is the way of the world....they just dont have anything better to do with their time...and really that is all it is...talk


Cinshon - February 21

Thanks Annie, and what ever I do it will be my decision not anyone elses,also Happy Pregancy to you!!!!! It's good to know there are still some good people in the world


C - February 22

J You said you was due Oct 12th, My question to you is do you agree with your conception date? Meaning did you actually have s_x on that date? And I'm 30 I'm fully grown but I'm a full time student and it would really take a toll on me right now and mentally as well without knowing for sure the father and to be honest if it was my boyfriends I would have it cause we were together 8 years we are still split up because it's not right to try and get back with him and I got someone else's child inside me. I have never mentioned it to him.


shelly - February 23

Hi, im having the same thing as you sweetie i have no answers for you ... but you have to do whats right for you ... im booked in for a termination and its the one thing i don't want to do ... but at the same time i don't wish to be left holding baby alone . i already have 2 daughters that are growing up . im 31yrs of age. So just rememeber your not alone in this. Take care and do whats right for you!!


J - February 23

I am due on Oct. 12th I had s_x on Jan. 18th, 19th, 21st and when the doc did my v____al ultrasound it measured 6 weeks 1 day and that was on Feb. 17th so we figured conception took place on Jan. 19th.


Cinshon - February 24

J Thanks your information was helpful!



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