JULY 2008 Mom 2b Here Anyone Else

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julie2007 - October 23

well i just got confirmation from my doc we are definitely prego and due in july 2008. i'd love to hear from other JULY 2008 mom's to be -- and have someone to share this journey with ~ i'm sure the next few days will bring many more of us!


julie2007 - October 23

that seems so far away doesn't it? ha ha -- it'll be here before we know it!


Shiva - October 23

Julie- Congratulations!! I am 6w2d today. and facing lots of vomiting today Hee hee just telling you I was thinking since last week that I am very lucky that I didn't get too much symptoms but now it seems like it started the day I reached on 06week. I am not able to eat today whatever I am trying to eat just throwing after couple of min. Well its the thing which i think happens with every preggo. I wish you Happy and health 09Months. And yes I am also born on July month so it's good to know your baby is going to be born on the same month. Take care!!


ZenGirl - October 23

JULIE- July? i thought you were ahead of me in your cycle? maybe i am just nutso.....


krissy2006 - October 23

Im due at the end of July... :) I'm 5 weeks 2 days today. Congrats Julie!


krissy2006 - October 23

ya know what, I lied. Sorry, I am due in June and was having a momentary bout of insanity. UGH! Preggo brain is so not fun... sorry ladies but I'm due at the end of june so its almost july. LOL


julie2007 - October 23

hi shiva -- thanks - i can't wait till i geet my morning sickness -- it's supposed to be a sign of a healthy baby! ----- JENNY -- you are about 5 days ahead of me (july 1st for me) - (hence you knew before i did that we were prego and you've had more HCG tests than me so far -etc) -- if i end up with more than one i am sure i'll go before you -- ha ha. congrats to everyone!


NinaS82 - October 23

Hi ladies. I'm due July 3rd according to the online due date calculators. Ill find out from my doc next week!


WinterRainFox - October 24

July 18...unless I put the data in wrong. So far no serious symptoms though. 5 1/2 weeks along.


val_jo - October 24

Julie....congrats!!!!!!!! I am on the March mommies thread and remember you form when we first got started. Congratulations on your little blessing and here's to a healthy 9 months!


julie2007 - October 24

thanks val-jo - i should have been a march mommie too --- but i am hoping and praying that this one sticks. i hope all is well with you & your baby!


WinterRainFox - October 25

I knew I had put the info in wrong. Mine will be a June baby. June 20th or so. I feel so scatterbrained right now.


ry - October 25

Hey girls! Can i join you? I am due July 1st. Just got my BFP yesterday


ShoppingForTwo - October 25

HEY EVERYONE! I just got my BFP LASTNIGHT! 7 days before missed period!! WOW! I talk to a nurse today and "according to my LMP" I'm 4w1d yaay! My due date is July 4th and my first appointment with my doctor is Nov. 2nd! Yaay! With my insurance I can call 24 hours a day 7 days a week and ask question or talk about my concerns and actually get advice!! With my last pregnant I went to a Dr. that had their own office so office people answered the phone and couldn't tell me anything! Oh yah this is for July mommies, but I'm technically a June mommy because I will have planned c section at 37 weeks yay!


julie2007 - October 25

RY welcome & congrats!!!- we are due the same day! --- have you had beta hcg's yet? i go for my u/s 1st OB appt nov 7 - it' seems so far away. ---- shopping for2 - congrats & welcome to you as well. you must have really long cycles if you are already 4w1d and are still 7 days from missing AF -- --- --- how are all you girls feeling? i don't really have any symptoms or anything yet - anyone else?


ShoppingForTwo - October 26

Hello! Yes my cycles have been 35 days the last 2 months so I a__sumed it would be 35 days again, so my af was due Oct. 31st. My last af was Sept. 26th and that was 4w1d ago excatly, and 6 days from missed af. Strange how all that stuff works. Anywho, I have sore b___bs, lots of cramping the last few days, but not so much today, SO much gas, LOUD rumbling in my stomach, and frequent #2's yuck. Craving for mexican food (maybe I'm just greedy), mmm I noticed a bit of hot flashes lastnight and today, umm that about it. What about you ladies?


jleigh322 - October 26

Hello, Congrats to all of you that know for sure! My lmp was Sept. 29th, but my periods are not regular! My b___sts are swollen, and are sore. Feel like poop! I have taken a test but neg. When should I test again? I think I ovualated last Mon or Tues. Thanks



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