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jleigh322 - October 26

Hello, Congrats to all of you that know for sure! My lmp was Sept. 29th, but my periods are not regular! My b___sts are swollen, and are sore. Feel like poop! I have taken a test but neg. When should I test again? I think I ovualated last Mon or Tues. Thanks


angelgabby84 - October 26

Hi Guys hope you dont mind if I join. I am due 6th July. I took Clomid for 10 cycles with no success and decided to stop and this cycle (the first one without the meds) I fell pregnant. Would you beleive it. I did have a little chat with god a few weeks ago and I truly beleive that helped. H&H 9 months to everyone x Kristen


julie2007 - October 27

hi ladies - welcome KRISTEN and JLEIGH! congratulations!! -- i am so thoroughly extremely exhausted i can't believe how hard it hit me just this early afternoon - i had to come home from errands and lay down for a little while. and nothing smells good to me anymore - not even my favorite perfume. my DH said i have turned into a bloodhound with my sense of smell (in the past day or 2!) i don't want to eat anything but salad and broccoli - ?? could be worse i suppose. SHOPPING42 -- that is so great you got your BFP so much before AF was due -- you must be thrilled! --------- i a__sume there will be more of us adding to this thread over this weekend - HH9 to everyone!


ahemann99 - October 29

so, my cycle is a bit messed up due to an early miscarriage a couple months ago, but i thought i was supposed to get my period last weekend (October 21) and didn't, although my pregnancy test came back negative too. I took another one the following Thursday (October 25th) and it was very faint....now today october 29th, it is a very strong line....definately pregnant!!! yay! did anyone else JUST find out? do you know how far along we would be? or an approximate due date?


ahemann99 - October 29

according to the online calculator...I will be due June 29!


ahemann99 - October 29

sorry, what does BFP mean?


ShoppingForTwo - October 29

HELLO ahemann99!! Congrats!!! I got my BFP Oct. 24th. My missed period is due on Oct. 31st. So I tested a couple times to make sure it wasn't a fluke since I found out so early!! Hehe. I'm so excited. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage, I had a neonatal loss on June 15th, 2007. So I'm happy about this pregnancy and hoping for the best! I have two different due dates so far. . . July 2nd, or July 4th. I will find out for sure with the ultrasound I'm getting on Nov. 2nd. Either way I will have a repeat c section at 37 weeks so my due date is actually in June. Yay.


ShoppingForTwo - October 29

Big fat positive


ahemann99 - October 30

Thanks S42 and congrats back at ya! I am so excited too and took a couple tests to verify....the line was very faint the first time, so knowing that the hormone level doubles everyday, i know with later testing the line is more defined and darker, which it was...yippy! I still need to make my appointment. does anyone else have other children? I have a one year old daughter named Eliza who is unbelievable....I can't imagine having two children, i am stoked!


julie2007 - October 30

hi ladies - welcome A99 --- congrats. well girls - since i am not feeling any pregnancy symptoms yet - and can't seem to connect with anyone who is due around me - to see if they are having anything -- i called my RE this afternoon- - and she is going to see me thursdya NOV 1 for my 1st ultrasound. i am scared to bits (after 2 miscarriages already this year!~!!) hoping for a sticky healthy pregnancy - and i really want to be able to see something on the u/s on thursday. --------- anyone else have no symptoms???


ShoppingForTwo - October 31

Hey Julie, my symptoms seem to have faded a little. If I squeeze my b___bs then they hurt, especially my nipps, but only if I squeeze them. 5 new pimples have popped up on my face in the last two days so at least that's a good thing. I usually get one pimple every two months-ish usually. I remmeber before I even knew I was pregnant with my daughter I had so much acne! I didn't know what was wrong with me until I took a HPT and read what to expect when expecting and the book said it was a normal ealry pregnancy symptom. I also had a loss this year so I really hope this pregnancy sticks! My first ultrsound is Nov. 2nd. My last af was Sept. 26th so I'm 4w5d but since my cycles have been 35 days 2 months in a row I think that puts me off a little. I hope I see something Friday on the ultrasound also. I got a scan at 5 weeks last pregnancy and all they could see was a sac, but I guess that better than nothing. Good luck and keep us posted!


joannapianna - November 8

Hiya, Im due on the 4th July my partner is American and is moving to the UK good in 2 wks time to be with me, its ironic though we are having a 4th of july baby :) he's been looking a past presidential names etc... :P


Newlywed - November 8

Hi all, please can I join the gang....I am due July 9th. I am so very excited but also quite nervous about what to expect. My body is already doing strange things and I have no idea whether it is normal or not. Anyone suffering with pains in lower left groin area? Almost feels like a pulled muscle. I am hoping this is just growing pains but cant help feeling paranoid. I am due to see my Midwife for my first appointment in just over a week, can anyone tell me what to expect? I was hoping that I could have a scan before Christmas. I was going to tell my family the good news on Christmas day but would rather wait until I have had a scan to see if all is ok. Mind you I'm so excited I'm not sure if I can contain the news for that long! :o)


julie2007 - November 8

welcome joanna & newleywed -- how exciting for you joanna - to have your partner moving across the "pond" what a great time in your lives!! best of luck! --- newleywed - at your OB appt - they will have you do some paperwork - and BW - and perhaps you will even get a scan then - depending on your ofc - i did - for dating purposes on the pregnancy -- if you really want a scan tell them you aren't completely sure of your last AF date - and they will scan you to be sure. good luck! -------------------------- ANYONE ELSE SICK?? i can't eat a thing -- and i want to throw up 90% of my day / night. . . . . . .


Newlywed - November 9

Hi Girls. Thanks for the advice Julie. I will quizz my midwife loads when she visits. I am already making a list of things to ask :o) I was quite suprised to hear most of you have already had a scan and blood tests. I have had nothing. Maybe things work slightly different where I live..... I am told that they do not usually scan until at least 12 weeks - some people even have to wait as long as 16 weeks. eeek! My midwife is visiting me for the first time at home so I am guessing it is just going to be a 'getting to know' meeting. I hope she is nice! x


Kayla13 - November 16

hello all I am due July 17... Congrats to you all that are due in July and all who are pregnant...



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