July Hot Mamas

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stefkay - October 30

Hi :) I so was going to hold off posting anything here but I'm too excited so who cares! I just got my bfp today and boy was this one a shocker! We weren't trying this month due to a chemical pregnancy last month and we really didn't even get that close to O so when AF didn't show today and no signs of her I tested and it was the darkest bfp I've ever had (history of m/c here). I nearly passed out! 14dpo today, but this cycle was super long and messed up from last month so based on conception day I'm due around July 7th. Based on lmp it is probably earlier.


stefkay - October 30

Julie, Zen, Indenial? I know you girls are July mommies! :) I am really freaked out posting already! Ack!!! I'll know a bit more after my appt. on Thursday I suppose.


ShoppingForTwo - October 31

Hey Stefkay, *CoNgRaTs*! Yyyaaa! My missed period is supposed to be Oct. 31st, but I found out I was pregnant abot a week ago. . . Kind of afriad of a chem preg since I found out so early. . . I sure hope not, I lost my daughter in June due to IC and her being born at 24 weeks so I don't think I can't handle anymore losses. According to the length of my cycle my due date is July 8th but my last af was 4w5d ago. . . I have my first appointment this friday so I guess I'll get an ultrasound to be sure. Anywho, I get a repeat c section at 37 weeks so I'm technically a June mommy but oh well. . .


stefkay - October 31

Hi ShoppingForTwo! thanks :) I'm a bit cautious myself. I'm so sorry for your loss...I totally understand the feeling. I'm not totally sure how far along I am because doc will probably go by lmp, yet I know I ovulated on cd23--much much later than I normally do so it's all messed up. By lmp I think my due date would fall in late June as well. I'm sticking with July though for now :) I already had a dr. appt set up for tomorrow to see a specialist about recurrent loss so this is great timing that I just found out I'm pregnant. Hopefully this little one is a keeper :)


kelley - October 31

Stef, I am so happy for you... I just about fell out of my chair when I saw the picture and your chart when I was doing my stalking. Here is to the happiest healthiest and easiest 9 months of your life. You deserve this so very much. I will keep you in my prayers and hope to hear great news from you really soon. Take care girl. HUGS!


stefkay - October 31

Thank you kelley! That was a crazy dark hpt, huh? I started worrying that it was defective, lol :) I'll keep you posted and I hope and pray I can stick around here!


sarah21 - October 31

Congrats you July mommies!


indenial - October 31

Happy Halloween. Stef, thanks for starting this thread. I'n due July 8th by LMP and July10th by O date. I have my first doc appt & U/S scheduled for Nov 15th, so I guess I'm in for another tww. I'm nervous b/c of the last m/c, but I'm enjoying each day of my pg and come what may.


stefkay - October 31

Sarah! So glad you came :) I am really confused by mine...by O date I am due July 8th too but I think my o date was actually 2 days earlier (big deal I know) so that put me at July 6th. If I go by lmp I'm due about July 1. I'm super nervous too but trying to remain as calm as possible because I know stress totally affects me physically. I don't even have an appt. set up with my OB yet because I want to see what the specialist says tomorrow. I refuse to get another u/s before 8 weeks though. Maybe 7 but that is pushing it. I about had a panic attack going into my last u/s, LOL :)


ROBYN - November 1

Stef, though i am not a July Hot Mamma LOL i am a March Lucky Charm and you know I love you to death and by far if anyone deserves this its you and Jessee. You are an inspiration to so many of us and you have helped me thru the worst and best times of my life and i just wanted you to know how happy i am for you i felt the same way as you when i started my thread then i figured what the hell and now look 22 weeks already. Anyway you know you have all of our support. Love you sweety talk to you very soon.


indenial - November 1

Stef, GL at the doc today, hopefully he can give you some encouraging news and you'll be out of the first trimester before you know it. This pg seems completely different to me. I have no nausea whatsoever (I know it's early, but still), my BBs don't look any different or hurt, no backpain. Well I guess we'll see what the coming months bring. S42, I'm so sorry for your loss, and wishing all the happiness in the world with this pg.


kendra.marie - November 1

stef your pg again!!!! so am I =] yah babe when are you due do you know


kendra.marie - November 1

stef omg!!!! im so very happy for you i can admit your test is clearer then mine is by my lmp im due july 4th by my o im due july 10th im wiating for my blood test to come back its due in about 50 minutes so im excited =]


kendra.marie - November 1

my blood works positive appt is nov 19 & dec 19th so im excited


stefkay - November 1

Hi girls! Congrats kendra!!! Lots of bfps this month! ROBYN, I love you!!! :) thank you so much and you know you have been beyond supportive to me--I can't beleive what a trip we've been on! As for me, I am trying to remain positive but I am tired right now and will post more tomorrow. I have more detail on the clean slate thread so I'll try to condense here. Good news is doc was wonderful and has a game plan for some alternate testing, etc. but can't do some of it due to this pregnancy. He did a beta while I was there today and at 16dpo it was 954!!! I was shocked! No wonder that test was so dark. I think from my chart that if I o'd earlier it couldn't be more than 2 days, so who knows? Bad news is that I spotted a bit of pink/red this morning before my appt. I went in to his office in tears and he said that spotting is normal in 25% of pregnancies, but does agree that due to my high risk status and history, it is not a great sign. We are going to watch the numbers and I have an u/s scheduled for 2 weeks from today if I don't miscarry before then. If worst case does happen we have a game plan to start some testing my old doctors didn't do and from there I can be more confident. If this is a miracle baby and sticks around then that will be the answer to my prayers :) I started prometrium 200mg per day today as well. He said he would have liked for me to start it sooner, but nothing can be done about that now as I just found out on Monday. Ahhhhh....so tired will check in tomorrow


stefkay - November 1

Sarah, I'm not feeling too much either, but the low back pain and I don't think that's a good symptom at this point with the spotting I got today. I really really hope it doesn't come back as I'm terrified of the toilet right now, lol!!! allright, I'm really off to bed now :)


ShoppingForTwo - November 1

Hey Stef! I'm keeping you in my prayers! Please try to stay positive! This is your second pregnancy this year? Mine as well. . . Scary huh. If you haven't already I think you should check out spals. Its a private email based support group called subsequent pregnancy after a loss support. I've met the most wonderful and inspriational women there and chat with them everyday. Its nice to talk with and confide in someone who knows EXCATLY how you feel. Indenial you should check that site out as well. OK, *update on me* I had two ultrasounds yesterday, external and v____al. Everything looks as great as it can at 5 weeks. I just pray think pregnancy sticks and blesses me with a healthy baby in June. Again technically my due date is July 4th but I will have a repeat c section around 37 weeks. I'm thinking my dh and I will pick June 14th because that our daughter Victoria's b day, but her death was June 15th sooo I don't know if that will be weird. Its always cool for people to share birthdays, but I'm thinking that's only cool if they are both alive??? Very confused about that but that's not a concern for a while because I have soooooo many hurdles to jump to even get that far in pregnancy. I have an appointment tomorrow with a nurse for bloodwork, then an appointment on Monday with my OB, then I well get an appointment with my PERI!! Yayya I can't wait to see him! He is the most important key to this pregnancy being sucessful. THANKS SO MUCH, Indenial, I really hope so too.



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