July Mom S To Be

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maddie - October 29

Anyone else due in July? This is my first and I am scraed stiff..lol.... Still not sure what to expect and every little thing sends me over the edge! :) Hope I am not the only one.


CJ - October 30

You're not the only one! I am also having my first after being on Clomid to help me O. I am so scared of miscarriage. I can't wait to get this first trimester over. Actually I'll be happy to go to the first appt. and see it! How far along are you? What's your EDD. I am 4w6d and my EDD is 7/3/05. I have not really had any symptoms yet so it's still hard for me to believe that it's real!


Toni - October 30

Hi. I am 5 weeks and 2 days, so I am just a little ahead. I am freaked out to. Trying to relax but it is so hard. My symptoms are being tired sometimes and that is about it.


maddie - October 30

I am also sooo tired and nauseous that comes off and on. I am due, my docs estimated at 7/2/06....


Hydz - October 30

hello! im due on the 3rd of July n yeah so far no signs for me yet neither except feeling a little uncomfortable down there, hopefully its just the making room pulling etc.. feelings? Its also my first so it can be a little worrying as to if it can hold out throughout the next eight months! My fingers are crossed tightly as i've been wanting this pregnancy for a long time! Bring on 12 weeks so i can see my baby and know everything will be okay! Best of wishes for all the new mums to be for their first time or numerous times! Take care!


b - October 31



s - November 1

Hey ladies, I just found out over the weekend that I am pregnant, and I have my first app't with my doc tomorrow. Has anyone had the "pre natal" exam that they do when you first find out. what does it entail?? I just really want to know what my levels are, b/c I am paranoid that I will m/c again (this is my 2nd preg.). i know it's probably paranoia, but I just can't help it! Us women huh, worry for nothing:)


Lori - November 1

This is my first pregnancy. I think it is a universal woman thing to be worried about everything! I am due July 1st. I went for my pre natal exam last week. They ask a lot of questions about your medical history and I had some blood drawn so they can test me for everything under the sun. My next appt. is the day before thanksgiving and the dr. said that's when we would listen for the heart beat. I think once I hear this my worries will subside.


Toni - November 1

Make a list of any questions or concerns you have. It pays to be organized. You might forget if you don't write it down.


jaime - November 1

I'm due July 6th. I already have a 27 month old daughter. I had a miscarriage 3 months ago so I'm really nervous this time. I was 7 weeks when I lost the last one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to all of you!!!!


shelley - November 1

Hello everyone! I took a hpt this morning and it was bfp. I am so excited. I am not sure how far along I am as I haven't had af since May. I have been diagnosed with PCOS, but I am pregnant. I am guessing I am due in July some time. I took a hpt last week and it was neg. so am thinking I may be about 3 - 4 weeks along? It is going to be so nice to chat to you all throughout our pregnancies.


Diana - November 1

I am due July 1st. I am 24 and this is my 3rd pregnancy.


Toni - November 2

Congrats Shelley! Is this your first? What are everyone's symptoms?


lys - November 2

due 7/5/06. had two previous miscarriages in the last year. need some prayer for my anxieties :)


Jen - November 2

Hi all July-ers. I am due July 4th, estimated 5 weeks along. I have had blood work and urine work done already, and all looks great. I also went in to the Dr this morning and had a pelvic exam (I was having some weird pains on my right side). He says all seems normal, uterus is swelling and it appears there is no tubal pregnancy. I have my first apt with the OBGYN Decemeber 7, week 10. I hope I hear a heartbeat and I hope I make it that long, I am so worried about MC. I haven't been sick (but I have an iron gut), but I have been EXTREMELY tired, hungry, and my nipples are super sensitive. This pregnancy is so exciting for me because I am a newlywed (22), and had a horrible summer at the hospital with brain surgery. And my kid sister (21) is pregnant too- with ETC July 4! It's so exciting! I just hope we both make it to Xmas.


Shelley - November 2

Congrats everyone! My symptoms are very itchy b___sts, very tired, and the weirdest appet_te. I woke up at 5am this morning starving! By the way, I am 22 and this will be my second baby. I have a 14 month old little boy. I will be 23 by the time I have this next one.


Diana - November 3

Hi guys! My name is Diana.. I am 24 and expecting my 3rd baby. The Doctors gave me a TEMPORARY due date (LOL) of July 1st but Im sure that will change. It seems SO UNREAL to me too! With my 1st and 2nd pregnancy I would have been barfing my brains out by now! hehe. This time no real symptoms yet except a constant headache and cramps that feel like period cramps.



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