June 2011 Babies

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DDT - September 25

Starting a thread for those Mommies expecting in June 2011! I frequented this site when pregnant with both my boys (born in 2007 & 2008). I loved the site and always felt it helped venting or relating to other women going through the same experience. I am also hoping that my experience can help any other mommies pregnant for the first time. :) So, I just got a BFP on a digital HPT on the 24th Sep. And as you can already tell this will be my third child. We are very excited and secretly hoping for a little girl.


Beautiful year - October 7

Hi, I am a June mommy. I feel weird. I almost can't stand for long, I feel empty inside me, I get hungry and have to eat right away. I have weird cramps and sometimes I think weird movements in my lower abdomen. It's like I don't own my body anymore.


Beautiful year - October 7

Oh I'm always tired now but the worse part is no matter how much rest I get... I still feel tired. I sleep like I have a disease, before now I didn't even know what taking a nap was!


Beautiful year - October 7

I really have no clue what those terms are as this is my first but I guess I'll learn with time, I hope more people come on here too. Thank you for creating this thread. I just signed up here


DDT - October 8

Welcome and congrats Beautiful year! All those pregnancy symptoms are normal. I am also very exhausted no matter how much I sleep. Feeling quesy most of the day, but worse at night. I can also totally relate to that 'empty feeling'. Hunger! I have been having cramping constantly. It can become a little annoying at times. This pregnancy is very different from my other two. I had no nausea or fatigue with them. I am also very moody! I have my first prenatal appointment booked for the 22nd Oct. Hoping the doc can pin point my due date. I have 30-36 day cycles so my due date could be anywhere from the 28th May to June 5th. When are you due?


Beautiful year - October 8

Very nice to hear from you. I have always had a regular 28 day circle, except for when it comes a days or two early or late but it still falls within that period. My Edd is set for June 14th. I am excited to progress but honestly... I don't like how my body feels! I want myself back and it's frustrating.


lorrielocks - October 10

hi i'm due my baby on 10th june 2011 and it is my gorgeous new boyfriend from south africa we met on september 19th and slept together but used no birth control and i got pregnant that night. i'm now exactly 5 weeks pregnant and found out last sunday and i told him he was really good about it he told me he loved me and would stand by me and be a dad to my baby and support me and stay with me. i was so nervous telling him but he couldn't have taken it better, he's married but separated but his wife still loves him, she lives in galway with his daughter maggie who is ten years old. i think she wants him to sleep with him every time he visits he still pays for maggie and the mortgage for her on that home luckily i have a good job so don't need his cash but do need his love but i would prefer it obviously if he still wasn't obliged to sleep with his wife but sure he loves me and i love him so it's not the worst situation in the world he lives in dublin near me and we spend lots of time together. it's a shock i'm 34 and i'm so glad i won't be a single mum this is my first baby and i'm actually really happy now once i'm over the shock of the news. anyway i'll keep posting on this thread since i'm also due in june. i miscarried when i was 26 so am really nervous for the first 12 weeks. 5 down 7 to go all is well, i'm feeling quite well no morning sickness yet, sore b___bs and bloated but other than that i cannot complain, i'm so tired all the time and going to the bathroom every two seconds. good luck with your pregnancies, love lor xxx baby dust to all of you xx


Beautiful year - October 11

Congratulations Lorrie and welcome here, I'm as excited as you are except for the symptoms that plagues me... I am hoping more people come on so we can share experiences.


Jennbj - October 11

Hello, I'll join you. I've used this site for my last pregnancies but it seems to have slowed down a bit. I'm due June 3 or 4. First appt is on Nov 8. I'm about 6 1/2 weeks not really any symptoms yet, which makes me worry. I've had mcs in the past but I'm trying to stay positive. Maybe the sickness will hit next week. I'm with you on the tired thing though. But I have one child in school and a 3 yr old and 1 yr old at home, so not really any time for naps. :(


DDT - October 11

Congrats and welcome to lorrielocks and Jennbj! lorrielocks: hope things work out with your boyfriend. He sounds like a good guy though. I to am originally from South Africa. Emigrated and have been living in Canada the last 11 years. Jennbj: Your life sounds a little like mine. I work full-time, and have 2 boys (aged 3.5 & 2). No naps for me. I am exhausted. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have also been sick. Got well after one cold and then came down with another the next day. And of course no meds because of baby so its wiping me out. Still feeling bloated at times, and have had some serious waves of nausea. Boobs are getting huge and are still tender (on and off though. Cramping seems to have subsided the last few days which is nice.


alaskalewis - October 13

congrats everyone!!! Im rachel 21, also due in june, very anxious though as i had an mc last april 09, so fingers crosssed with this pregnancy, i have 101 symptoms but does anyone else have severe all over backache?? 24-7? x


Jennbj - October 14

Well Ladies. I'm pretty sure that I miscarried last night :( Good luck to the rest of you on have beautiful June babies. I will hopefully have better success next time and not be too far behind.


DDT - October 14

Welcome and congrats alaskalewis! Do you have any idea when your due date is? I had lower back ache very early on in the pregnancy, but it subsided. Anyone have issues while sleeping. I find it uncomfortable to sleep on my tummy. And I know thats ridiculous because that problem should only come up later in the pregnancy. I dont know if it being my third pregnancy plays any part of that. I am slightly depressed because I look just fat already! Bloated?! I was a normal weight pre-pregnancy (5'5" fluctuating between 142-146lbs). My pants are already a little tight when doing up the top b___ton. And my scale tells me I weigh 148lbs now. Urgh! With both my previous pregnancies I didn't gain anymore than 2-3lbs until I was 24 weeks along. I don't want to be a whale at the end of this pregnancy. I don't really like the limitations of this website. I will be starting a facebook page for us June 2011 Mommies. Check in soon for the link. I hope you all come over, and if it doesn't peak any interest we can continue using this baby forum.


DDT - October 14

Jennbj: I am so sorry to hear that news. I hope you concieve quickly during your next cycle.


DDT - October 14

So, I created the group page. Search for 'June Mommies 2011'. I am excited to see you all there!


laurendru - October 18

I am 5 weeks pregnant due in June! This is our first baby so we are very excited. I'm also very scared and always wondering if everything is moving along in my tummy okay. I haven't had many symptoms, only sore b___sts, cramping and irritability. I hope not having much fatigue and nausea mean everything is okay? We just applied for insurance and wont be able to make a doctors appt. until about weeks nine...I hate that we will have to wait that long, how will I know everything is still okay?


brit13 - October 21

Hey ladies tonight we just got our BFP:) I'm 11dpo so I am due in late june early july. We were on clomid this month 100mg and I have a hunch that I am carrying multiples cause I am already showing. Not to mention the numerous dreams I have had about having triplets. -Beautiful year: I know what you mean about being EXHAUSTED. me and dh went out to eat the other night walked around a little bit and I was about to pa__s out not to mention that I had taken a nap prior to going out. My b___bs are killing me and i've had some pretty consistent cramping and sooooo itchy? anyway let me know what you ladies think about my belly its my profile picture I just put it up. Oh and this is our first pregnancy.:)



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