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Jen - October 4

Hi ladies!! How is everyone?? Let me guess....umm..tired?? Yeah, I know...yawn....I have been highly unmotivated, I just can't seen to find energy to do simple things, like laundry-I just want to wrap up in my blanket and hibernate!! (sp??) Strange things- I have been told with second pregnancies that you poke out a lot sooner than the first because the muscles for the belly aren't as strong as they once were, and I am thinking that it is true-because I am only betwwen 4-5 weeks and I feel like I am majorly bloated!! I try to hold it in so I don't look like I have this big gut-but I can't!!! Yikes!!! I hate the between stange-where you don't LOOK pregnant-just chubby-AHHH! Well, I seem to be rambling, just wondering how everyone is doing, feeling...yada yada.....


Alyssa - October 4

Can I join? I just had my first Dr. appt. today. My pregnancy was confirmed and I am now about 5 weeks. My due date is June 10th, 2006. This would be my first (or 2nd couting m/c last month.)


Allison - October 4

I understand the tiredness. I am normally a VERY high energy person. I used to jog at least 5 times a week, now the idea of walking is almost too much to think of. I am also very emotional right now. I started crying yesterday for the most rediculous reason. I almost feel bad for my husband who has to live around me for the next several months. I am curious as to what my belly will look/feel like when I start showing (never been pg before). I can imagine the inbetween statge will be the worst b/c people who dont know I'm pregnant will just think I let myself go.....Ha!ha!


Stephanie - October 4

I am also about 5 and a half weeks pregnant and due around June 3, 2005. I am going crazy because my first Dr's appointment isn't until the end of October ( They won't see you until you are at least 8 weeks) I am just so happy that i don't have many symptoms. Just tiredness, bloating, and a little crampy. This is my first PG so i am also very anxious and nervous.


Stephanie - October 4

oops...I meant 2006 :)


Alyssa - October 4

Some of my symptoms have been horrible heartburn! Also some very light cramping/twinges underneath bellyb___ton. I now get sick eating ice cream! Which I am bummed about. I have to eat about 6 small meals a day so I don't get sick. I've been very tired lately too. Oh stuffy nose too!


Ella - October 5

Can I join? I just went to my dr and she confirmed my pregnancy at 5 weeks, I am due June 4, 2006! My first. I'm glad to hear my nausea is common...i've been eating Cherrios like they're going out of style! I'm cranky and feel like I have no time for people wasting my time. I'm trying to hold it in...any suggestions?


michelle - October 5

Hey everyone...well I'm about 5 weeks and due date is around june 9th. I had 2 previous miscarriages so the doc is giving me a sonogram today to see how everything is looking. He sent me the other day to get a load of blood work done...16 tubes!!! I guess I'm just very nervous because I dont have any kids yet and I'm so nervous that history will repeat itself....I know i'm too early too see a heartbeat today but that would really ease my mind because with previous pregnancies heartbeat was never confirmed. I really dont feel pregnant at all yet except for some really terrible tension headaches. Is that normal?? Well..very nervous about my sonogram but im keeping my hopes up... Talk to ya later.


Jo - October 5

Had my first dr appt today and ue date is June 4th. could change later due to a really weird period last month. We'll see when the sonogram time comes around. Today I am 5 weeks and 2 days.


Genna - October 5

This is so exciting and nerve racking. I am due June 9, 2006 and it is my first baby. I have my sonogram on the 17th. I am tired too, but overall I just feel weird. I have slight cramping (but my dr. said not to worry) and all this water is making me bloated and I feel I spend most of my day in the bathroom. But no morning sickness...yet!


Sheena - October 5

Hi guys, I’m in Australia so I’m on different time to you. It’s almost lunch time here. I discovered I too am pg and I’ve already worked out I’m due like you Alyssa on June 10. Its my first. I’m so scared as the ‘unknown’ frightens me. I'm seeing a doc sat to confirm. I don’t have any symptoms though? If any my b___bs are a little bigger and sore. Is this strange? Could it mean something is wrong…


michelle - October 6

Had my sonogram yesterday. Doc says I'm 4 1/2 weeks so he couldnt really see anything. He said he thinks he sees the sac but its too early to really tell. I'm scheduling another sonogram next week so he can monitor me. My hormone levels were low so he gave a prescription for progesterone to get them up. Suppositorys yuck!!! Still keeping my hopes up though. Hey alyssa...thats the name we came up with if we have a girl!!


Alyssa - October 6

I'm not so much scared. I'm nervous simply of the posibility of m/c. We have been TTC for 2 months, and last month I got PG, but m/c and now this month I'm PG again! I'm 5 weeks. I'm further along then I was last month so thats good. I am so excited! I can not wait to start showing and feeling the kicks. I want a little girl. My DH comes from a family of 6 boys with no girls. He wants a girl too!


Alyssa - October 6

Awesome! Naming your child after me :) Just kidding. I really do like that name not to be prideful or anything :) Nice choice in name!


KT - October 6

hello all!! I am 4 weeks tomorrow and I'm due June 16th. I go for my first docs visit wednesday the 12th. I had a miscarriage April '04 and have been a basket case all week. will the doc run test on me? will i be considered high risk? i also had preeclampisa with my son.....will that make me high risk? what are the chances i get it again?


Jen - October 6

Hi ladies, welcome to all the newbies!!! KT-I go to the doc's on th 12th too. But I think that I will be 6 weeks then. I miscarried in July, and I am scared too. But I still have very strong symptoms and feel very pregnant. I don't think that there is any test that they can run to see if you'll mc again-if that is what you are asking. Alyssa-I too have a husband with all men in his family. His grandmother had 6 boys and his mom has 3. So he says that he can't have girls!!! He's just not equiped with that kind of sperm he says!!!! HHAHA-but I don't really care after having a miscarriage-I just want it to be healthy. If we have a girl her name will be Hannah Lynn and If we have another boy it will be Connor Lee, my son's name is Ethan Xavier,-we have had these names for a while now. Well, good luck to you all!!!


Phoebe - October 6

HI ladies! I am due June 11, and have my first dr appt next week. I am a little nervouse since i'm not really having any symptoms. This is my first pregnancy, and I am super excited. Has anyone spread the news yet or are you waiting?



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