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Jen - September 26

Hello ladies!1 Congratulations to all of those who have recently found out that they are pregnant and due in JUNE!! I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant, I have had a mc in July and I have a 14 month old son. I hope we can all join together to chat it up for the next nine months!! Anyone tired here....or is it just me??? hehehe....Good luck to everyone!!!


Anne - September 26

Hi Jen. I am due 6/2. Yeah!! Hopefully this one will go ok. I had m/c in Feb and again in June. I am exhausted, bbs hurt, have had heartburn off on on & feel a bit nauseous in the am. Also, cramping sometimes in the evenings. I'm still taking my temps every morning---just praying they stay up. Are you having any symptoms other than tired? What kind of 1st trimester symptoms did you have when you had your son & were you having any before your m/c?


Barb - September 26

Hi Jen and Anne. I am also new at the site and I would like to ask you both how many weeks are you. I have taken 4 hpt and all are neg but I have had all the symptoms (cramping, bloating, gas, bbs sore and all). Do you think I took the tests to early? If I'm correct with all the calculations I should be coming up on week four. My period isn't until end of this week. Thanks.


Allison - September 27

Hey ladies! I found out yesterday I am pregnant...I tested this morning to make sure, and once again two lines. I figured out that I will be due June 8th 2006. Jen and Anne- I went through a similar situation as you....had m/c in August (last month), but it was a VERY early m/c...bleed the day AF was due...and here I am the very next month pregnant!! I am soooo excited! This will be my first. How old are you ladies? I am 24 and my husband is 31.


Allison again - September 27

to barb- You definately could be pregnant. My period is due tommrow September 28th...and I got a positive yesterday and today 26th and 27th. So, to be sure I would wait until the day of your missed period. Good luck to you. Keep us posted.


Marina - September 27

Hi everyone. I found out last week, and I'm due June 1. I'm scared to death due to previous m/c's, and am having a hard time calming down or thinking of anything else!!


Anne - September 27

Allison, I'm 31. Barb, I had symptoms for the better part of a week before my af was due and took tests, which were neg. Finally, the day before af due it was pos., so I'd keep testing if I were you. You're probably testing too early now. Marina, me too!! I just keep hoping everything is going ok and I keep feeling my bbs ; ). (Just not in public.) I went to the dr. on 8/23 and he said he wants sore bbs, it's a good thing. I'm not sure why the bbs & not nausea or anything else. Anybody know?


Jen - September 27

Hi anne and allison and marina!! Congratulations!!! I am soo glad to be here!!! Well, a little info about me-I am 24, I have a almost 15 month old son. I miscarried this past forth of July at almost 3 months. I am married to a fabulous man-and I am working on my nursing degree (hope to work in fertility-actually). I called today and made my prenatal visit for Oct. 12, so I hope all goes well. I am soosososososo tired!! My b___bs feel soo heavy too!! I hope I don't pack on the pounds with this one, I did with the last!!!


Barb - September 27

Hi again everyone. Good news I'm pregnant. I got my first + sign today. Jen my first OB appt is also Oct 12th. I'm so excited this will be my 3rd. I have two boys one is 3.5 and 1.5. I hope this time it's a girl. My first two I never had cramps but with this one I have terrible cramps. I should be due the first week of June. It's great to have others to talk to who are going through the same thing as you. There is also a possibilty I could be having twins (it runs in both families). Oh, I'm 31 and my husband is 33. I'm so sorry to hear about everyone's mc's I hope for a wonderful preg for everyone. What are some of the signs of a mc other than bleeding are there any early warning signs?


Jen - September 28

Congrats Barb!!! When I miscarried, It started about a week before it actually happened. I was in the ER with my son who was really sick. His fever got as high as 105.9! He was incoherant and I was sooo scared. I started seeing brown tint when I wiped that day. That was a Monday-by thursday it turned red and then Friday is when I started cramping and saturday is when it came out. I was under a lot of stress that week-bc of my son being so sick, one of my first signs was a severe headache. But, I also didn't have the symptoms of pregnancy as strong as I do this time-so I hope that is a sign. (Although I feel like c___p) Isn't funny how we REALLY want to get pregnant and then once you are and start feeling like c___p-and of course life can't stop for us (although I do wish I could pause it from time to time) ANd then you say-"I must be crazy!!!" I am in school now, and pregnancy makes me emotional- I have a chem cla__s and we have these stupid "group" projects to do. I am new to this branch and everyone knows each other-so they all have divided up-yesterday on my way home I was thinking "nobody wants to be my friend...boohoo.." I know, that is rediculous, but I can't help it. Now, I am stressing about finding someone!!! I am sooo crazy!!!!! Anyways, a good book to read, if you haven't already, is A Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy if anyone is interested. It is funny, honest, and when you fell like no one understands-especially hubby-you can open this book. I still refer to it!!! Good luck to all!!!


Laura - September 28

Hi. I am in such a daze-found out I was pregnant yesterday and checked again today-am still shaking and don't believe it. Did not think we were going to coneive naturally. However I have all the premenstral symptoms-backache, sore b___bs, stomach ache and bad temper. I am so scared this means i will miscarry. AF is due today


Jen - September 28

Hi laura congrats!!! I wouldn't worry about a mc-those symptoms that we are blessed with every month before our periods are the same as those in ealry pregnancy-what you are feeling is normal! :) Don't worry-is this your first? have you been trying for a while?? YOu will feel like you are going to start your period at any minute for awhile-at least that is how I have always felt in the beginning! Good luck to you-so glad you joined!!


Leann - September 28

Hi All! I am 25, married to a wonderful man, and officially found out I was pregnant today. Due Date June 2. I have done 3 home tests, all positive and then saw my OBGYN today! It's a very exciting time, but also very nerve racking. This is my first pregnancy and I know how common miscarriages are. It was very easy for us to conceive (we didn't actually believe it at first) and I'm worried that everything is just going too well :) Hopefully it just means a wonderful pregnancy. Let's keep in touch!!!


Debbie - September 28

Hi Everyone! And Congrats!!! I too am Due in June. I have had 2 miscarriages. Monday sept 26 would have been my due date, It was such a hard day but something told me to do a test so I did... Positive Results, I was so surrprised.Thinking that is was too soon,or a mistake. I went to the Dr. and the test said Positive again. So my due date is June 9th...Best of luck to you all


Allison - September 28

Question for everyone- I went in today to get the doctor to confirm my pregnancy, and it came out positive, so my first "pregnancy" appointment is October 13. Does anyone know what to expect that visit. All they told me was that it would be long and involved, they would draw some blood, and ask lots of questions. This is all new to me since this will be my first...I am so excited!!


angelbaby - September 28

Congrats to all of you! I am due June 3rd. My first pregnancy at 29 yrs. old. Very excited!! I have had very lite brown spotting off and on for 2 weeks, but not too concerned. Sore b___bs and crazy blue veins starting to pop up around them...anyone else seeing that yet? Very bumpy nipples too. I have had some minor cramping, especially when i stand up after sitting for awhile. I'm feeling pretty good, except for one thing. I am an American living in Honduras for the next year...lots of mosquitos carrying malaria here. Yikes!! Health care is excellent though, but I need some good vibes sent my way that my baby and I will be protected against the illness!! I am taking precautions though. This is so exciting ladies! Enjoy every moment of it!


Jen - September 28

Hello everyone-welcome and congrats!!!! Allison-the first visit may consist of family health, due dates, weight gain-umm, you might have a pelvic exam, some docs do this, some don't. I think it is just to check the cervix, my Doc does it. Prenatal vitamins, and they may send you home with books on pregnancy-mine did. :) They will probably start to take your pee, which will be at every visit. I think this is to keep track of your sugar levels, and protein. My first doc's visit is going to be with my nurse practioner and my doc-they want to discuss a scheduled c-section and about my risks for miscarrying again. Sometime between 6 and 12 weeks you'll get an ULTRASOUND!!! Which is the best in my book!! You get to see its little heartbeat, and then at 12 weeks they listen for it. I think-my memory is a little fuzzy. Good luck to all of you!!



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