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Jen - October 12

Hi ladies, that other thread was getting so long!!! I am glad that there are so many pregnancies!!! Welcome all the newbies-I saw that some of us have our first appts. today!! I am one of them-at 3 pm. I am hoping for an ultrasound-my doc was pregnant when I lost my last pregnancy so I think I will be seeing someone new-hopefully they will give me one!!! I can't shake the thought that I may be having twins! I know, crazy-but I have been unbelieveable sick and tired!!! Twins aren't in my family though-maybe I am crazy!! YIKES!!! Good luck to everyone-let us know how everyone's appt's go!!!!!


Melissa - October 12

Had an u/s yesterday. Found the fetal heartbeat, thank goodness. We didn't find it on Friday and the doctor had gotten concerned. But we found it four days later. 6 weeks, first time pregnant.


Christy - October 12

Jen-I hope your appt goes great this afternoon! Hopefully you'll get an u/s so you can see 'how many' are in there! I go in for my 2nd u/s on Friday and I'm just praying for a h/b (the first u/s was too soon and the dr. couldn't see anything yet) By Friday I should be 6 1/2 weeks....Melissa, Congrats on finally finding the h/b- that must have been a tough weekend to get through. This will also be my 1st baby but 3rd time pregnant.


Jen - October 13

Melissa-thats great that they finally got to hear it!!! Congrats on your first!!!!As for me, I went to the doc and they said that I am 5 weeks 6 days and due June 10th. They didn't do an u/s. She said that if we did it that early, it may be too early and she doesn't want me to stress. Also, I asked her about twins and she said that it sounded good, but that symptoms vary from pregnancy to pregnancy. And, I guess fraternal twins don't tend to be genetic-it is all based on ovulation-and that if two eggs were present, then it is possible. Hmmm, so I guess we'll see. I am getting my u/s on the 31st!! Christy-let us know how your appt. goes!!!


amy w - October 13

hi ladies, i didnt write on the other thread, but i am also due in june! congrats to all of us :o)! anyways, this is my 3rd pregnancy (1st two ending in miscarriage), so i am a little nervous, but super excited, i already seem to be on a better track than my last two pregnancies, so that is good news! one thing that i am confused about though is this...my last af was on the 14th of august, so that would make me 7 weeks, but obviously with how low my levels were (i had them check to be sure they were going up, and they are) i am not that far along, so i am only 3 1/2 weeks pregnant, but a lot of you ladies are saying that you are 5 or 6 weeks along, is that because of the extra 2 weeks that doctors throw in there or what? sorry if my question is confusing lol...but i guess that just shows how confused i am lol. well, again congrats to us all, and i hope that i can join your group, and talk of signs and things like that as the next nine months pa__s by! take care!


Dia - October 13

Hi ladies! I am also new to this thread and brand new pregnant. Jen ~ I am close to you - I am 5wks 2days and due June 13th! Amy W ~ I know that my doctor counts from the first day of my last period, which was Sept 6th...right now I am feeling groggy/tired, and I am having cramps. I am considered high risk b/c I have adenomyosis...I am a little concerned. I hope all goes well for everyone and I am now sending out baby glue!!!!! ~~~~~~


amy w - October 13

hi dia and ladies! dia, i am actually due the same time as you...the 13th, i guess that they are telling me that i am only 3 1/2 weeks because they really dont know when i actually concieved based on my LMP being on the 14th of august lol...and i made them aware of the fact that i had a positive OPK on the 20th of september, and that is what i am basing my ovulation date on...funny how i give my doc more info then they give me lol...thanks for the baby glue, and congrats to you!!!!


amy w - October 13

lol...i meant 3 weeks, and 2 days, and 5 weeks and 2 days...i am used to talking to people who dont keep track of this like all of us do lol...take care ladies!


Christy - October 15

Hi girls! I had my 2nd u/s yesterday and was extremely scared. We were praying for a heartbeat, and to see the yolk sac in the uterus (dr. was alittle nervous it might be ectopic) It was in the uterus though--right where it is suppose to be!! and we could see the h/b-it was just a little flicker. I got demoted a whole week and a half tho-we had previously thought I was close to 7 weeks but now they said I'm 5 weeks and 3 days so it was surprising we could even see anything on the u/s. I am a complete basket case though because I am still high risk for m/c but so far so good....Due date is June 11th!!! I'm getting extremely sick but I think it's because of the medication the dr. has me on for the 1st tri-it is suppose to decrease the risk of m/c for me so I will stay on it no matter how sick it makes me.


dd - October 15

Christy - what is the dr. puttin you on to decrease a m/c?


Renee - October 15

Hello Ladies, May I join you? I'm 28 years old, and expecting our first child in June of 2006 as well. So far, so good, feeling ok. I have to wait about one hour after waking up to eat otherwise, I feel ill. And I have some of that cramping going on. I have been confirmed by my doctor, but it's too early to see anything. I just entered my 5th week on friday and my next appt for a 2nd internal is on Halloween. I hope we can see something by then! Does anyone else have the cramping going on? I wonder when it will stop. My doc said it's my uterus expanding. Does that mean I should expect to feel this for the duration of the pregnancy? Any help on this would be wonderful! Glad to be a part of your thread!!!


Crissi - October 15

I wanna play!! :) Baby #4 due June 20th... new DH. I have a DD 13, DS 12 and DD 5 plus DSD 6 and DSD 7! So yes, child #6 for us... just bought an 8 pa__senger van!!! :)


Kristin - October 15

Hello to all! So this is my first pregnancy, I am also experiencing some cramping and when I went into the Doc to conform the pregnancy she said that its completley normal, and just to watch for severe cramping with spotting. Luckily Im not experiencing either! Im 5 weeks and 3 days and although still a little apprehensive so very excited! I have my first real appt. at 9 weeks, Nov, 23. So congrats to all, its so nice to hear other women in the boat as me at the same time!


Kelli - October 15

I am 5 weeks and I'm not sure how many days. I haven't even called the doctor yet---i have no insurance though. You guys are on the ball. You guys used a lot of terms I am not familiar with, i.e. AF and such, but that's okay, i'm a__suming u mean period. I am due June 14th, my lmp September 7th. This is my third pregnancy, healthy baby girl first time, miscarriage the second, so I am a little nervous about this one---especially since I don't have any nausea. However, my belly is swollen (i only weight 123 pounds), urinating verrrry frequently, tired (so so), sore nipple and mood swings--etc.... so hopefully just because I am not sick doesn't mean too much, although they do say that people without morning sickness are more likely to miscarry. Plus, I was sick as a dog with my first two. I hope things go okay. Any advice?? Also, congrats to allll, especially first timers--i know it is exciting.


Crissi - October 16

My first appt is October 18th... I am high risk though, former infertility patient and on my 4th SPONTANEOUS pregnancy! Go figure! Still, I have to do the progesterone suppositories every night and have to be watched fairly closely. TO Kelli: Hon, don't read too much into it. Trust me, every pregnancy is different. I am worries now about mulitples since new DH had twins in his family and they run in mine too, my Sis had #5 & #6... twin girls, just over 18 months ago. That'd be my luck!! :)


Jenn - October 16

Kelli, I am the same. I had a son then a miscarriage so this is my 3rd pregnancy too. I wasn't sick with my first one and I am not sick with this either. I have all the same symptoms as you.I haven't heard that no morning sickness could mean a miscarriage. I don't believe it. Between me a my 2 other sisters we have 5 kids and none of us have had morning sickness, so unless you have bad cramping and bleeding, I wouldn't worry. I am 6 weeks along and will call tomorrow for my first appt. I should have called before now but have just lost track of time. Good luck to everyone! Keep posting.


Dia - October 16

Hey ladies! I have been have fairly severe cramps ~ I have another thread with that name ~ and I told my doctor and she looked a little worried (it kind of scared me) but she said that some cramping was normal. But mine can get pretty bad - it even woke me up one morning. I haven't had any bleeding though - and everything seems ok. I am a military wife so I am still waiting for insurance to issue me a doctor. The severe cramping makes me nervous - it doesn't happen a lot, maybe twice a day. But I am very, very bloated, dizzy, and nauseous. And it is wonderful :)



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