June Mommies Part 3

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kay101 - October 29

Does anyone else feel way more pregnant now that there are July moms on here? We're getting closer and closer to the second trimester!


kay101 - October 29

So my first REAL appointment was today. I'm 9 weeks according my my lmp, but I'm due June 1st so they said I was 9 weeks 2 days......I guess maybe I get a 2 day credit since I have a 26 day cycle versus the typical 28? Anyway they did a pelvic exam, not so fun, I hate those darn metal things, why the heck can't they make them plastic or something less cold and hard? They brought in a fetal doppler which I was kind of confused about since you usually can't hear anything until 10-11 weeks. She said 10 weeks, but it doesn't hurt to try and she actually found it. It took a while, but there it was nice and low, a little over to the right side. It's funny to hear your own heartbeat, then hear how much faster theirs is. I was really surpised they heard it that early. She said having a c-section may have helped bring my uterus forward a bit, because it's usually tilted back more which is why they usually can't hear anything till at least 10 weeks. They gave me a prescription for some chewable vitamins since I kinda gag when I swallow mine. Never had a problem swallowing pills before, but she said I could take two Flinstones vitamins too, which I opted for since I already knew how they taste. Sorry you ladies are feeling so crummy. I'm only really feeling gross now when I eat. They said just to make sure I get enough fluids, which is really the important thing right now so drink up and eat what you can!


michelly4 - October 29

I'm happy for you. It must have been soooo exciting to hear the heartbeat. I am 5 weeks now. I had my 1st visit on thurs. last week and I go on the 31st to have my 1st sono. They need to make sure it is not in the tube. But my levels have been good so I am trying to not worry too much. But after wed. I will be able to relax. My appoint. lasted about 10 min. total. I really hate those stupid metal things too !!! You think with technology that they could come up with something better !!!! Morning sickness comes and goes. Not too bad right now though. But I am sure it will get worse. It did with my last.


kay101 - October 29

My morning sickness didn't kick in till about 6 weeks and it's slowly weening away. So you have an ultrasound in 2 days? I've never had one before 7 weeks, so I'm not sure if you'll be able to see a heartbeat. I think they usually don't see them till around 6 weeks, but you never know, maybe your little one is growing fast! At least you'll know everything is where it should be and going as planned.


WinterRainFox - October 30

So, had my first u/s yesterday. No heartbeat and they deemed it a missed abortion. They told me that I could wait to see if my body would expel the pregnancy naturally or do a D&C. I opted for the D&C and cried through the whole thing. So, I guess I get to leave the June mommies section. I might decide to go back on birth control and wait a while. This may seem a little morbid, but I kind of wanted to ask for the remains so that I could bury it properly. I suppose grief makes you have some pretty weird thoughts.


eastcoast - October 30

WinterRainFox, I'm so sorry to hear your news:(:(:( My heart goes out to you -what a horrible experience that must have been. Take all the time you need -I hope to see you back here when you're ready.


Mandersmm - October 30

WinterRainFox - I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers are with you in this difficult time.


fefer1 - October 30

I'm so sorry Winterrainfox. :( I dont' think it's weird to ask for the remains....whatever makes you feel better. As for the early u/s, I had one at 5 weeks with my first, although it was one of those v____al ones. I hate those!! Then I had another at 7 weeks to make sure they could hear the heartbeat, which they could. I think 6-7 weeks is when you can hear it...


kay101 - October 30

So sorry for your loss. If you do choose to ttc again right away, your body will be extremely fertile. It also seems women get pregnant quickly after coming off bc so either decesion you make, you should be pregnant again soon after you decide you're ready.


Shantessa - October 31

Hello ladies, My name is Tess, I am due June 21, 08. So I was hoping to join the circle of June Mommies. I am sorry for your loss winterrainfoxx. I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant, and irritable, with mood swings, ciggrettes make me sick, my b___st are soooo sore, and this is my second child. I look forward to chatting with you all.


Shiva - October 31

Hi All!! I am 7w2d today and having lots of vomiting and nausea and little spotting too but everything is normal doctor says They did big ultrasound on my 6w4d and heard baby h/b it was 140 and I am happy with all these symptoms as long as my baby is healthy. My EDD is June16, 08 I am also June Mommy Happy & Healthy pregnency months to All!!!!!!


fefer1 - October 31

Shanatessa - how old is your first child? MIne is 13 months - and my b___st don't hurt at all this time around - not one bit. The first time they hurt so bad that I would have to hold them when I got out of bed in the morning. They were sooo heavy that it hurt when I got up. :) I was hoping that this time around they would grow again - no such luck. Shiva, that's great about your u/s. Hope you're feeling better!


ahemann99 - October 31

fefer! I think we were both on the 'September Mommies 2b" last year....I have a 13 month old too....born Sept 10th! I just found out a week ago that i am pregnant again....good to see a familiar name on here!


ahemann99 - October 31

also fefer1, my b___sts aren't sore either...wierd


meg - October 31

Hi ladies! I was also a Sept. 2006 mom! My ds is 13 months (14 in about 2 weeks). Ahemann, my ds was also born on Sept. 10!! When is your June due date?? I also do not have many symptoms. My bbs are not the least bit sore...weren't with my ds either. I have been feeling a tiny bit queasy the past day or two, but that's it. I have my first u/s on Friday, I'll be 6 weeks 4 days. I'm extremely nervous/excited about it! I just want to see the heartbeat!!


eastcoast - October 31

Hi all! Still feeling pretty gross here. I bought a bella band last week since my clothes aren't fitting and it is fantastic! So I finally got my due date at my dr's appt last week, and it's May 31st!!! But since I really think I'm going to have a June baby, I'll stick to this forum:) Question for you though, according to my lmp, I am 9 weeks 3 days today, but since my due date is now May 31st (it was initially June 4th), how far along am I? Do I still go by my lmp (i.e. 9w3d), or should I go by my due date? I have no idea how they calculate these things so any advice you ladies can provide is appreciated. This is baby #1 so it's all a learning experience for me:)


michelly4 - October 31

Went and had an ultrasound today. They couldn't see much. They are saying I am about 4 weeks aand 4 days so still early to see anything. But they did see the thicking like they are supposed to and it is in the uterus . Didn't see anything in the tube. HEY !! So I have another scheduled in 2 weeks. So that would put me at about 6 weeks 4 days i guess. So I am really excited ! And today is my birthday so it was a good present to know that it is not a tubal !!!



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