Just For Those That Had IMPLANTATION Bleeding

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kim - October 31

i have been hearing so much about this implantation bleeding-so it is time we get answers ONLY from those who actually have had it ! When does it occur and what is it like AND how long does it usually last ! ONCE AND FOR ALL LETS ONLY READ STORIES FROM THOSE WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED IT ! so they can help other , like me that have no idea what it is like !


hi - October 31

I had it with both pregnancies. It happened both times around the time I was supposed to get my period. So, I had implantation bleeding instead of a period. It was mostly dark brown spotting, not heavy at all. A panty liner was all I needed. I did have an oca__sion where it was red, but mostly it was brown. It was only red that one time and t was no more than the size of a quarter maybe a silver dollar. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.


cat - October 31

I just got a posit_tve!!! Yes I had implantation bleeding around the time I ovulated. It was dark brownish color at first and then it ended wih a bright watered down red color. It lasted for 5 days.


Edcat - November 1

I had found out I was pregnant five days before my period. So I was very upset the day my period was due and I had a moderate dark brown discharge. Which I a__sumed was me having a chemical pregnancy. But when I noticed there was scant amounts the next day and my b___sts were still tender then I realised it was implantation bleeding, something I'd never had with my six other pregnancies. Which all were miscarriages.


To Kim - November 1

I had implantation bleeding 6 dpo which was 9 days before my period was due, i only noticed it when checking my cervix that evening, it was bright pink/red colour and there wasn;t even enough to seep onto my underwear, i wonder had i not been checking my cervix would i have even noticed it? it was a minimal amount and thats the only time it happened lasted one day.


TO Cat- - November 1

hi cat -i just read you rpost. your implanation bleeding lasted for 5 days ! wow-was it enough for a pad everyday or very scant.? OHHH- if anyone can answer -how long should we wait to test -if we believe it is implantation bleeding ?


hi - November 1

I tested the week I had the implantation bleeding even though I was certain I was pregnant. It was negative. I did it again a week later and it was positive, but very faint. Still in denial( don't know why) I tested again 2 weeks later, it was very dark. It really depends on your HCG levels and the test sensitivity. I got a regular test each time, but I know there are some tests taht are very sensative. They are the ones you can use to test 4 days before your missed period. Might be worth a try, but since I was certain I couldn't justify the extra expense.


s - November 1

Hi there kim, I had implantation bleeding, and I got it on the day my period was due, but it was only a smear of pinky discharge. I wore a couple of tampons a__suming my AF was going to come full throttle, but all there was were small spotts of pink. This happened for two days then stopped. I was due for AF on the 25th of oct. and I tested on the 28th and got a positive. Hope this helps. i also had mild period like cramps and my b___sts were not tender until the day after I tested. Good Luck!!!


Amanda C. - November 1

I found out I was pregnant at about 2.5 weeks. So I experience implantation after knowing I was pg. It was a light pink to brown spotting that went to a slight red after 3-4 days with little cramping. It scared me to be honest, becasue I thought it meant the baby was in trouble. But after a dr's appointment I found out what it was.


ann - November 1

so is this implantation morelike a spotting or can it be like a weird period. from the post i just read i guess it can also be red at times also....?


Amanda C. - November 1

Yea, it can be red. Don't get me wrong, it was nothing like a period. It was a little watery and it varied from pink to brown and finally red. I thought I was begining to miscarry. Now I am about 11 weeks along and the baby is right on schedule.


jill - November 2

when does implanation bleeding occur ? when we expect af or before ?. or does it really depend on when we ovulate that month ? i guess the question id---HOW MANY DPO DOES IMPLANATION BLEEDING OCCUR ? (if it does occur).


Jess- a Midwife - November 2

My implantation bleeding started at 6 dpo and only lasted one day, then at 12dpo i got a temp rise in my chart making it triphasic, this was the day i got my BFP. Implantation can take anything from 5 dpo up to 12dpo, some even take longer. In my case i'd say the bleeding at 6dpo was the start of implantation and the temp rise was the end of implantation, its only when implantation has FINISHED that HCG is given out therefore i'd wait around 6 days after bleeding to test. TO JILL- It does depend on when you ovulate, text book implantation is between 5dpo-12dpo. If theres anyother questions you ladies have, fire away!!


Kal - November 2

I had implantation bleeding 4 days before my period was due. No pain - just very light pinkish coloured bleeding that lasted for around a day. For me it was heavier than spotting, more like the light bleeding that I usually get on the day my period starts.


Calm Down - November 7

I had inplantation bleeding at 6 and 1/2 weeks and It was light brownish and lasted probably two days and when ever I had s_x for about a day.


hi - November 8

to---calm down---wow at 6 and a half weeks...how can that happen ? i do not mean to be dumb...but wow !!


hi everyone - November 8

I had implantation bleeding with my first and again with this pregnancy - this time it was cd18. sometimes woman bleed a little bit when their af is suppose to start - that's different than implantion bleeding. Implantation bleed takes place about 5-8 days after the egg and sperm join - they then travel up the flopian tube and burrow in the uterus and that burrowing is what causes implantation bleeding. Hope this helps.



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