Just For Those That Had IMPLANTATION Bleeding

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momo32608 - January 26

ok im new to this whole thing and let me just explain my sit. i was so surre i pregnant i was tired b___bs sore stuffy nose nausea ect. i get my period on the 26th every month for the past 6+ months its very exactly so this month on the 24th i startd spotting very light thentoday...the 25th it got heavier kinda like my period i also had cramping now so im jus wonderin is it possible for ib to be almost lik a normal period? or am i outta luck? my real period due date is tomorrow so im kinda confused/dissapointed so if any one had any of the same experiences please shed some light thanks....


mrslowe8289 - November 4

ok so I'm not really sure if I have had an implantation bleed I started my period on the 18 of oct, ovulated on the 1st of nov, day after ovulation I noticed watery like blood not enough for a liner,that lasted two days, and then today I had brown snotty like cm. I took a pt yesterday and neg. I really don't know what going on. I'm period isn't do till the 15th of nov. help


saneinsideinsanity - November 8

I'm pretty much in the same boat as momo32608 I started bleeding 26 days into my cycle. A couple days before my regular period. I did have s_x around the time of ovulation and missed quite a few pills this month. At first, I a__sumed implantation bleeding. It was really light no need for a pad the first day, a rusty brownish color. The second day it was a LOT lighter than a regular period. But it was more than spotting and was bright red. I felt the need to use a pad. The third day, it was spotting again, and that was the last of it. Completely gone by the forth day. All the while accompanied by light cramps and bloating. I would have started my actual period today, nothing. Could I be pregnant?


margie - November 8

Yes you can be pregnant. I had a light period as you described when pregnant with my daughter. I only used a pantyliner never a full pad or tampon but it did last for a bout 4 or 5 days without any real flow.


smithc955 - November 9

Well, I thought I would start this thread going again. I don't know yet if I'm pregnant or not, but will post either way once I know. I usually have a cycle that lasts from 28-33 days. My periods are pretty regular and bleeding is typically pretty heavy and lasts about 6 days. This month my husband and I had s_x on day 16 and 17 of my cycle. We use the withdrawal method usually, but that didn't go so well on day 16. On day 21 I felt wet in the morning and when I wiped I noticed spotting that was a pinkish brown color, but nothing else throughout the day. The next morning I had the same thing, but it was less pink and more brown. The third day the same thing, except I also had spotting in the evening. Yesterday and today I am still having the brown spotting but it is even more scant than before, sometimes showing up when I wipe a second time but usually not at all. Since day 16 I have not felt wet at all and have been quite dry. November 14th will be day 30 of my cycle, which is when I plan to take an HPT. My husband and I are not TTC, and this would be our first.


Eodwife1 - November 15

Hello I am new to this, Not sure if I am on the right board. My periods don't start till the 17th of every month, and I started my period at least I think on the 11th and its not heavy like my usual periods and doesnt have any clots in it either. Its bright red/pink and I do have to use a pad but not heavy enough to change it through out the day. I keep getting like a cramp on my left side around my ovary area. I just started getting the brown stuff when your ending ur monthly cycle. But then I can feel wetness coming out of me , I'm on day 5 so far with this. My normal periods only last 2-3 days and they are heavy and dark with clots no cramping just pressure. Could someone please help me with this?


Eodwife1 - November 15

I forgot to mention I have been pregnant before 3 yrs ago, but don;t remember much about it I was to excited. I 'm hoping to be pregnant again my husband and I been trying for a yr now. I mentioned above I get a cramp feeling in my left side around my ovary I also get the feeling on right side but not at the same time. alternates sides. Hope this is implantation bleeding but not sure.


Mandy82 - November 15

Okay everyone, something weird is going on with me. I need advice. The start of my last period was October 29, 2010. I had started taking Metformin about 5 days after the start of my period because of a new prescription. I was due to ovulate this past Thursday, November 11th. However, today (which has only been 4dpo) I noticed bright red blood when I wiped. It was quite a bit but not anything like AF when I start but it isn't coming out into my panties. When I usually start AF it is brown and has clots... TMI, I know, I'm sorry. I was very sick at my stomach this morning, now I am fine. My stomach is cramping but not at all like AF. Would my AF be coming this soon? I just don't think so because my cramps and bleeding isn't the same as it has always been and also I think it is way too soon to be implantation bleeding but I know every woman is different. This waiting game kills me!


laurachan - November 20

According to my regular 25 days cycles all of my life "since". except last month 30 days cycle, goddsh i thought im pregenant but not /sad. So this month i supposed to go back to 25 days cycle? or 30 days+? Anyhow i dont know i was bleeding till i check my cervix tonight, and tonight is 5 days before af is due for 25 days cycle, not to mention 30 days cycle would make 10 days early, so i wonder is it me not normal or is it IB? Its kiling me for 8 months ttc My in-laws need to see the third generation before he pa__s away, he is in a bad condition of health now,my husband is the only son. sry to talk too much but i need some info so i can give some hope for this month. Oh and the blood bright thin red. thanks


Good2BQueen0607 - November 23

I experienced implantation bleeding 12 days past ovulation. I thought it was my period starting. I had been having what I thought were period cramps and I was having my normal period mood swings. A few days before I was to get my period, I had a very small amount of brownish discharge. I figured it was my period, but it only lasted one day. I took 4 tests over the never week and they all came back negative. Finally 9 days after the implantation bleeding occured, I tested positive. PS-Ladies don't waste your dollars at the Dollar Tree. I got 4 negatives with their cheap tests. Finally on day 9, I got a line so faint that it left me still wondering. I had a clearblue easy test also and that let me know for sure.


[email protected] - December 9

I was due 11/22 for my period then I got bad cramps on 11/26 I was like ok here comes AF. I did the finger check and saw RED blood with white stuff. So I dismissed pregnancy and went to sleep, then me an SO did the deed and I was thinkinh this would bring her on full force, but no she was completly gone. So still no AF then on 12/8 tested positive.


tinker1992 - January 2

hi there not sure how i should put this but i started my period on the 28th of november and then 18th of dec could this be implation bleed due to me and my partner on the 11th of dec any replies thanks


barby_76 - January 8

I had some light but bright red bleeding (a little watery and kind of slippery too) about 9 days before my AF was due. It only lasted a few hours (not even enough for one pad) and then for the next 3 days it subsided to very light spotting and was light pink/brownish in color. There was some light cramping and I'm bloated but no other symptoms. I've never spotted between cycles before so not sure what else it could be. Any insight is appreciated!!


cpaulson - January 9

Barby, I found this website because I am having the same problem. The only difference is that my tubes are tied and have been tied for almost 9 years! But I have never had spotting and my cycle is always 28 days (give or take a day). I don't have any pregnancy symptoms and I am supposed to start my period in 5 days. Last night I had a very light pink discharge, nothing this morning, and then this afternoon I noticed it again. I also have some heaviness and slight cramping on my right side but no other symptoms. I thought maybe my period was starting early but when you google "bleeding 6 days before period due" everything that comes up has something to do with implantation bleeding!


barby_76 - January 10

I know...every website I read is pointing towards implantation bleeding which is why I posted on here. I did start feeling fatigued today but it was my first day back at work after vacation so that could be the reason. I'm due in 2-3 days so I guess I just have to wait and see!


lizeth109 - January 12

If someone could help do calculations the lmp I had was dec.12.2010. My cylce is for 27 days. I was suppose to get my period jan.8th.2011 but I didn't get it So that makes me today 4 weeks and 3days pregnant But today I was bleeding but not a lot.yesterday I had intercourse and I had a really strong cramp but no bleeding.today its just light bettween red.and also brown.what do you girls think it might be just my period is late or misscarage? Or is everything fine.



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