Just For Those That Had IMPLANTATION Bleeding

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lizeth109 - January 12

If someone could help do calculations the lmp I had was dec.12.2010. My cylce is for 27 days. I was suppose to get my period jan.8th.2011 but I didn't get it So that makes me today 4 weeks and 3days pregnant But today I was bleeding but not a lot.yesterday I had intercourse and I had a really strong cramp but no bleeding.today its just light bettween red.and also brown.what do you girls think it might be just my period is late or misscarage? Or is everything fine.


[email protected] - January 12

There is a possibility! I am 12 weeks Fri. and thats what hapend to me. I was sure I was having a period but it stopped It was ONLY 1 day of red blood. Wait it out and test in 7 days. I say ithe bleeding continues odds are you are not pregnant, If it stops you could be and test in 7 days.


amg1219 - January 20

ok i am so confused and hoping someone can help!! I am charting my temps and am currecntly on day 25 of my cycle and still have not seen a temp increase??? my cycles are usually 35 days. I bd yesterday at about 6pm and now today at 2pm i went to the bathroom and noticed there was light brown discharge on my underwear ( sorry tmi) not sure what this could be please someone help... This is our 6th cycle trying and i am feeling so down about it.


Unicorn77 - January 26

33 year old female. I do have irregular periods but I never had a period like this. Dark brown the first day with some type of stringy stuff.. Second day slightly watery reddish and turning watery pink. Had to wear a tampom as it was a medium flow, but not for very long. Day after, I didnt need to wear anything and only when I wiped I would find brown stuff on the tissue. From all the other threads I've read, to me it sounds like I have experienced Implantation bleeding, yet I have taken a urine test & today my blood test was in & it was negative. Not sure how accurate they are but that's ok, I am scheduled for an ultrasound.


Rainebow - February 1

Hello Unicorn, Any update on your story..? I'm hoping it is good news for you. The exact same thing is happening to me however I still have the brown spotting after 6 days. Please post your update :)


Unicorn77 - February 3

Hi Rainebow. My ultrasound was done on Tuesday February 1st. My report says I may be pregnant. There is something of 4mm in size inside my uterus. If it's not a baby then what else could it be? Got me lil worried, and confused. My doctor seemed slightly confused also. She is postive I am not pregnant according to my blood results which was negative. So she has asked me to get another ultrasound (transv____al) in a week and see if there is any changes. Wish me luck!


[email protected] - February 8

im 17 and have been having unprotected s_x with my boyfriend of 2years. My last period was 18th january. i was due on again on the 15th of this month but i yesterday came on(8days early). I had cramps in the morning and when i went to the toilet i was bleeding, not loads but enough, it was quite thick like jelly and a reddish/brown colour. Today i still have the cramps and the blood is slightly heavier but a reddy/brown water like fluid. what could this be? i have regular period 26-28days cycle


jennie81 - February 13

Hi all! My husband and I TTC for 18 months. I did one month of clomid and got pregnant. I had a m/c at 12 weeks on Jan.17, 2011. I don't know when my next period will be but I am pretty sure I o'd on Feb.1 based on the pains I had. I have ben having cramping on and off for the 2ww and have been having light pink spotting for the past 5 days only once or twice a day and only when I wipe(today is 12dpo I think. BFN this morning. I am too scared to be excited again, but I really want to be. Does anyone think I should be hopeful? Or is this the beginning of af? Please help! I will keep you posted on my situation, good or bad. Thanks for sharing your stories, they have helped me get through some rough times.


pdxgurl - February 17

Hope my general experience with IB and false IB hopes helps those TTC: I got pregnant the second month we TTC. I started IB at about 4 days before my period was due and continued IB for many weeks. My IB lasted up until 10.5 weeks, until my pregnancy ended in miscarriage. The bleeding I had ranged from small spots to one pantyliner filled per day. As you can imagine, in the beginning I was very nervous about all of the blood and felt that something must be wrong for me to bleed for so long and so much. I went to see my doctor and got an ultrasound at 7 weeks. The baby had a strong heartbeat, my cervix was closed/tight and my doctor said everything looked great. He said not to worry about the IB because IB varied for every woman and that IB can last through a large stage of the first trimester because the fetus could still be "trapping blood" (or something to that effect) within the walls of my uterus, causing the IB. He said that having IB through the first trimester was not common, but not uncommon. I was told to not use tampons and to not have s_x (which might further irritate my cervix and cause more bleeding). There would be days where I had no IB, but generally I had it up until 10.5 weeks. I caught a bad cold in week 9 that may have resulted in the miscarriage in July 2009. Since then, by husband and I have been TTC unsuccessfully. For months I would spot for days earlier than my period was set to arrive. Each time I would hope it was IB, but was disappointed every time. Finally, I realized the repet_tive early bleeding meant something was wrong with my hormones (for anyone having gone through a miscarriage, I'm sure you can relate with how haywire your hormones get afterwards). I saw my doctor and he worried about the possibility of ovarian cancer (what a shock!). I got a biopsy (negative thankfully) and an ultrasound where my doctor found small cysts on my ovaries--therefore, not ovulating. Low amounts of progesterone likely a__sisted in the early bleeding. Since then, my doctor put me on Clomid, which also a__sisted in getting my periods regular. After I was done with that, I started acupuncture and Fertility Blend (basically Vitex supplements), and probably the combination of both have regulated me without any prescription drugs. Bottom line: In my experience, IB can be greater than simply small amounts of spotting. It can also last a long time, more than a few days. However, having spotting before an expected period can also be signs of hormonal problems that may need to be addressed by your doctor. Good luck everyone!


2bmommy - March 9

I hope someone can help me out my last period was the end of Jan not sure expect date but remember it being late which happens cause I'm irregular. In Feb I spotted 26-28 thought it maybe af (happy she didn't vist on my bday) but when it shoped the first day I thought odd the next day spotted when I wiped was lighter brown red an the next morning so I took a dollar test that day got a bfn waited a couple days an bought a digital an again bfn. I'm so lost an scared my bbs are full an sore like lactating bloated af mild cramps pee alot so for so much tmi but somebody's gotta know something


AnG53 - March 29

I had implantation bleeding 5dpo It was just 1 day I found it on my panties dark brown like the spotting you get when your period ends 10 days after I found the spots I got a BFP home pregnancy test :)


stefeni - March 29

Hi ladies i am wondering if you can help me i have been TTC for 1yr now and its starting to do my head in!! however around about 6-7dpo i had pinkish spotting followed with mild cramping and then today at 11dpo i have brown spotting...af is due in 4 days....can anyone please help me i have no idea what my body is doing!!! thank you


Melissamb3 - April 1

Im 1 day late for my period but i have cramping like im going to get my period and horrible lower back pains and b___sts are sore... But today i noticed i have blood on my cervix but not a flow. I got my last period march 3rd. My question is, is this implantation or what is goinf on? Could i be pregnant? Ugh so scared please help.


Melissamb3 - April 1

Im 21 my last period was march 3rd. I am 1 day latw for my period... Today i noticed i hae blood on my cerix but nothing comng out... I donthave a flow. Is this implantation? Or what is this? Ugh so scared! Please help! Has this happened to anyone else?


missangela - May 16

light bleeding 4 days before period due, usually like clock work, lmp was on 4/20/11, ovulation days between 5/1-5/5 active and unprotected on all those days, period due on 5/18 started light bleeding 5/14...is this a sign of pregnancy???


rouurou - June 23

i'm new to this forum and i would love to hear some advice and more experiences from implantation bleeding experienced people. me and my Fiance have been ttc for around 3 months now, my last period started on the 26th may and sorry for too much information but when i went to the toilet on the 23JUNE, i found stringy red blood and i started to have cramping. my b___bs were really sore 1 week before and still hurt on the sides towards my armpits although not as painful. i slept with my fiance almost every second day of the month and everyday on my ovulating days. my period usually starts off heavily but today it started off bright red although it hasn't filled a whole pad up.could this be implantation bleeding? thankyou so much for any advice, much appreciate. p.s sorry for the long comment!!



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