Just For Those That Had IMPLANTATION Bleeding

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Kmseabrook - July 21

So confussed I am now on day 28 of cycle and have been spotting since day 17 the last few days have been heavier but just not a normal period has anyone had this please let me know I took a test yesterday but was neg my period is due mon but would normally start spotting today what is happening? I have been ttc for 3 years and been told I have pcos but have never done this in my life


SB80 - July 29

Hi..I am new to this board.I have experience IB (reddish and once a day for 2 days, only when wiped) after 6dpo which lasted and period was still away 9days. I am now 7days overdue and started to feel some of pregnancy symptoms like bloated tummy ,headache,frequent urination,back pain ,minor cramps around my period due date but haven't done any pregnancy test yet. Today I experience bleeding( red in color) and clot(50p size)only when peeing in morning .I am really worried what it could be? Taking pregnancy test now would help to confirm ( even if things have gone wrong,fingers crossed).This is my first experience and no one (elders/experienced) around to ask.. Please help......I am just feeling like shattered :(



Okay so I had my period on July 1st, then my next period schould of came July 27th because it comes every 27 days, well then on July 27th i had spotting, it was very light then throughout the day nothing, then yesterday Aug 2nd i start bleeding and its red then later throughout the day it gets very light then today its just on the toilet paper very light and nothing on my pad, what do you think is going on? I had implantation with my last but this is totally different any ideas?


Mrzklg - August 5

I hope someone can help me! I am REGULAR! I have a 31 day cycle. My periods are normally heavy. My husband and I used preseed on the 22 of July(O day)....I have lower back pain, cramping, nausea...I started this light spotting on August 3rd(period not due until the 5th) I NEVER spot before my period. Today my period id due. Still spotting,..it was a light pink...now its a brick red...not a lot( I can use a liner) Can I be pregnant???


fashiobgirl - August 11

just thought id share my story from last month. started bleeding with brown blood 3 days before period due, hadnt been ttc,on 7th day of bleeding (still brown blood) i started to feel sicky, sore b___bs, tired etc, took hpt and was positive. was told the bleeding was just implantion and nothing to worry about. i got slightly heavier, more redy colour, had scan which showed sac, 2 wks later still bleeding sometimes light then sometimes heavier, had been having blood tests done to check hcg levels which should double every 48-72 hrs, mine were doubling every 48 so everything looked fine, a week later got slightly heavier and preg symtpoms started disapearing, had another scan, everything looked fine and there was a sac with yolk this time, at this point i was 5 wks 5 days. two days later real bad cramping in stomach and back, bleeding got heavier, sadly i miscarried and had pa__sed two preg sacs.. it was twins :( i am now trying again 4 weeks on and im now 8 dpo and have very light brown spotting, mild cramps, tiredness, have tested but showing negative so far. maybe its implantation, maybe another early miscarrige, who knows. good luck to you all.


anmpearce - August 12

Hi Cat! I think I am 1-2 DPO, and experienced some light brown "spotting" but not enough to get in my undies today. Is it possible that I am pregnant?? We have definately tried this cycle. I thought it might be too soon to be anything good :(


VCJx - August 14

I'm having implantation bleeding I'm pretty sure . And I'm really worried of a miscarriage . This is my third day & it does go onto my underwear , but not all that much . But it bleed through yesterday . I had s_x yesterday & I'm wondering if that could be why it is getting heavier ? It's not as heavy as my period but I'm worried that this is too much for that type if bleeding & I'm terrified of a miscarriage .


shhh101 - August 25

can anyone help me?? i had light pink spotting for 4days mild cramps but no period flow is this implantation bleeding im sooo confused am i preg?? when should i test??


FrancescaKelvy - August 26

My experience: tried to conceive for over a year....3 failed IUI's/2 failed IVFs and we gave up. The next month, we did it once, that's right, ONLY once, and then my 'period' started. When I went to the bathroom and wiped with toilet paper I got a couple of specks of bright red blood. That's it. Though AF was coming so I put in a tampon. Then.... Nothing. No spots, no flow, no nothing. Next day...googled everything I could on spotting. Alot of articles talked about Implantation Bleeding, so I took a test. And sure enough I was preggo. My gorgeous little girl is now 6 months old. So, in my experience, my IB consisted of only a few specks of bright red blood only noticible when I wiped one time. And it came the same time I was suppose to get AF. Trying to conceive again - but so far, nothing. Good luck to everyone!


FrancescaKelvy - August 26

Oh girls, I wanted to add, when I experienced Implantation Bleeding, I had NO symptoms. None. Nothing. No soreness, cramping, back ache, head ache, nothing. If I didn't see my little pumpkin on my first ultrasound, I would of never thought I was pregnant. I had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. So, if you don't get any symptoms, it doesn't mean that you are not pregnant. Take it from me, it can happen!


jennanicole - August 30

im only 16 years old.. and i think i might be pregnant.. i got my period a couple days early but it normally lasts for 7 days exactly and i get cramps and normal bleeding.. this time it only lasted 3 days and it was like my period. the first day it was red like nomal not heavy like it was but i didnt think anything of it, the second and third day there was barley anything there but a light pink color with brown discharge.. i had no cramping nothing. im really worried i dont know what to do it..



Hello ladies. Boy am I glad this post is still open after all this time. Me and my husband are TTC after an ectopic pregnancy. Talked to my doctor 2 weeks ago and got the OK to start taking clomid to help me with ovulation. Just (im)patiently waiting for my period to come. For the last 3 weeks, I have not felt like myself. I have a killer headache that goes away but only to return later in the day. I don't feel good inside. I just started having a light pink discharge and this has been going on and off for 5 days. I called my doctor and she said go ahead and take my clomid as this may be my period. This is not my period. This is nothing like in the past. It's not even red blood. There is no way for me to count my days as I am NEVER normal. Please help!


Kell123 - August 30

Hi everyone I'm new on here and you ladies help so many people, I just want your opinions so please post me them, me and my husband have been trying for 3 months my last period was on the 1st august the same as usual 2 heavy days and 2 days light then off and the day before I come on I get bad period pains ect I know I'm going to have my period I'm usually 28 - 30 day cycle. well on Saturday morning I was shocked to see blood when I went to the loo I thought I have started my period but did not feel nothing I was bleeding that day not really heavy but enough to wear a pad then suddenly that evening stopped I had nothing all night the next day and yesterday just had a small amount off brown when I wipe not even enough to wear a panty line, i took a preg test today and was negative. does anyone think I could be pregnant???? Please let me know if anyone think I could be preg thanks


Kell123 - August 30

Hopelesstrying - how long ago was it that you had the ectopic?


Kell123 - August 30

Hopelesstrying-how long ago was it that you had the ectopic?


gtcas1976 - August 31

Hi. I had IB with my first child (now 2) about 5 days before AF was due i remember feeling bummed that AF was arriving early. It lasted 2 days, not enough to wear a pad. But I remember feeling like AF was going to be here anytime as I was feeling so 'wet' (sorry tmi). This time round (TTC No 2) I'm confused. I'm not charting or anything, but around about CD11 I had abdominal cramps and when I went to the toilet and wiped there was a blob of mucus with pink/red blood in it. So I thought this must have been me ovulating early. Me and DH had BD'd twice over the 5 days prior to that and so that night we BD'd more. The very next day my b___sts started to be really sore and heavy and they were so for about 7 days and then the heaviness and pain went so I thought we didn't succeed. But then last Sunday morning (CD 23) I started spotting (brown) and also having loads of AF-type cramps it only lasted 1 day and was not even enough to warrant panty liner. Then I started spotting again on Tuesday, but again it was literally 2 small drops of brown. Every time I go to the loo there is a little brown when I wipe but not enough to be on my pantyliner. AF is due Friday. I took 3 HPTs and so far all BFN. Every morning I seem to have mild af-type of cramping but nothing else. My b___bs are still not sore at all and not even swell however they are quite warm to the touch, I have felt more tired but not what I would consider fatigued. For the past 2 nights I have experienced waking up in the middle of the night to go to the loo and then not being able to go back to sleep (insomnia). I am either hot or cold, keep going from sweats to chills. Quite moody, oh and my bowel movements have gone all sluggish (constipated). I do not feel 'wet' like I did with my daughter. There's no sign of mucus or anything. I seem to need to pee more often though and it feels uncomfortable but not painful to lie on my belly. Now all of this could be PMS symptoms or early pg symptoms. Has anyone experienced a loss of b___st tenderness in their tww and no mucus discharge and implantation bleeding and went on to have a BFP? I will test again on Friday when AF is due but I'm not holding my breath. I'm just wondering what is it with the spotting...



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