Just For Those That Had IMPLANTATION Bleeding

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hi everyone - November 8

I had implantation bleeding with my first and again with this pregnancy - this time it was cd18. sometimes woman bleed a little bit when their af is suppose to start - that's different than implantion bleeding. Implantation bleed takes place about 5-8 days after the egg and sperm join - they then travel up the flopian tube and burrow in the uterus and that burrowing is what causes implantation bleeding. Hope this helps.


Deb - November 8

I had a smear of brownish discharge at 16dpo and a little the next morning. Then it went away. I think it was implantation bleeding.


Question for JESS - November 9

Jess - are you still there? I hadn't noticed you are a midwife - I have LOTS of questions!! nice to know you're there -


hi - November 11

Have any of you experienced cramping along with the implantation bleeding/spotting?? We have been trying for two months now and think i may be experiencing this! The spotting is a brownish discharge/very light accompanied by the crampy feeling right before my period. It started 6 days before my period is supposed to come. Should I take a test tomorrow or wait a while?? I also have increased urination and b___st tenderness. thanx


to hi - November 11

The tests are most accurate 30 days from the first day of your last af. If you want to take one, though - go ahead if it's neg wait a week and try again. The crampy feeling usually doesn't start until a bit later - but you never know. If your af is suppose to start in 4 or 5 days hang in there - waiting is something to get use to - first waiting to know - then waiting the other months!! Hope to hear about your bfp within a week!


vicki - November 11

Thanks for the response,k it was very helpful... I will wait the 4 more days to take the test again. I took it this am and it turned out negative. Still experiencing some spotting which is getting a little heavier now. ALso have other symptoms ...tired, sore brsts. How long does this spotting last? I've been reading 5 days for most.


roary - November 13

I always have I.B. and cramps. The major difference is the amount of blood (less with IB) and the amount of cramping (less intense). The only time I didn't have Implantation Bleeding the embryo didn't implant properly--miscarriage at 5.5 weeks). So in my case, as in some other peoples ( I a__sume) it is a good sign.


to hi - November 14

I had cramping and implantation bleeding both times. I suppose it varies from woman to woman, becasue I notice here some women said they had it and others did not. Congrats to you, it sounds very promising!


Sonya - November 15

Hi! I am sure that I had implant bleeding but the doctors cannot confirm it. I have read alot about it and am sure that is what I had! It started as a pinkish discharge and then lead to a slight bloody discharge. But there was no pain! This happened about 3 weeks into my pregnancy which is apparently when the implantation occurs. I did not even bleed enough to have to wear a panty liner or pad. I have had no bleeding since.


Beth - November 15

well I know im in the wrong board but couldnt help but put my two cents in. Im currently 19 weeks but in my sixth week I spotted and it was brown sometimes with more or less. I also had some little tissue pa__s but was always brown, I also had real bad cramps so I thought it was over for me. About two months later it stopped and the baby is fine and is kicking and jumping around.


vanessa - November 15

I've had some brown spotting for 4 days now, enogh to wear a panty liner, also some brown tissue, no pain, no tender b___st or cramps yet, I had a pregnancy test this morning with an equate test that is supposed to give results 7 days before period is due and it was negative I still have 6 more days till my period is due. When am I supposed to test again?


to vanessa - November 15

no--you are not on the wrong board-thanks for sharing your experience with us! it gives us hope when we see wacko things that we do not want to see!


Ashley - November 16

For those that had implamentation bleeding, were you temping at the time? Did your temperatures fall?


N - November 16

Vanessa - Just an FYI...I took an EPT, the one that is supposed to show results up to 4 days before your expected period. It showed negative each time. Finally, the day I was supposed to start, I tested with one of those $1 store tests, and it showed a positive! So it was first to show a + and it isn't even an early result test! I also had brown spotting for one full day just a few days before AF was due. So, you never know! Good luck!


net - November 16

Hi I'm new to the board and I have question my cycle is to start on 11/21/05 and I started spotting light pink they where drops not alot on 11/14, and 11/15 but now it's 11/16 and no spotting or any thing could this be implantation?


To net - November 16

IT SURE SOUNDS LIKE IT TO ME!!! If you don't start within a week you should grab a tester! Good luck



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