Just For Those That Had IMPLANTATION Bleeding

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MrzStan - July 16

I think you are. Most PT's won't show a BFP until you have missed your period. Implantation can take between 6-12 days from ovulation then another 3-5 before your body has enough HCG present to show a positive. Hope this helps.. Good Luck!


LND_513 - July 18

so i stumbled upon this and i'm curious..my last AF was june 26-july 1 and i had intercourse june 27-july 1 (boyfriend lives far away so of course AF has to mess everything up but he doesn't let it stop him lol) my period is mostly regular, sometimes coming a day before or after it's supposed to but pretty consistent. i haven't taken an ovulation test or anything but i have an app on my ipad thats supposed to predict my fertile time while tracking my AF and it said it was supposed to be july 4-9. now i'm not banking on that being accurate, i know it tends to be in the middle of the cycle but everyone can be different. so here's the thing, my cycle is about 27 days and is due in 5 days but today i started to spot brown blood and i have some mild cramps. i guess i'm just wondering if who out there has ovulated on or just after your period? is it even possible i could be pregnant and would that mean that by the time AF is supposed to roll around you should definitely be able to tell by a HPT?


Meesha - July 25

This month My Periods stated 3 days early and lasted for only 1 and a half day. Don't know what is going on with me. :(


WannaBeMama - September 1

I'm wondering if what I am experiencing could be implantation bleeding (I hope so) or just a light weird period. Well anyway this month I was not tracking my ovulation or period because I did not want to focus on it because we have been ttc and we have had no luck so far. I started spotting light brown for 2 days then a reddish brown for 2 more days then a normal to light flow bleeding for 2 more days then 2 days of reddish brown spotting and 2 more days of brown spotting before it stopped. Sounds like I bled a lot but I really didn't it was light except the two days where it was close to normal flow. When I figured it out the spotting started on day 24 which is early for me, the last 4 periods I have had have ranged from 29-33 days so 24 is quite early for me. I am hoping this can be implantation bleeding :) I will test soon but idk it is would be too early to test and I'm scared it is going to be another negative I want to be pregnant so bad :( hopefully soon. Baby Dust To All!!


ycar123 - October 2

Me and my partner are TTC. Today I experience a spotting (just a size of a 1 cent and light brownish color), its actually my 10dpo and I took a pregnancy test this morning (4:00 am lol) 'cause I experience preg symptoms but it's negative. but then i had this spotting just this mid day accompanied by a cramping and backpain but after 3 hours the pain are gone. Today is tuesday and I am expecting my period this saturday. Do you think i'm pregnant?


octoberblues - October 19

Hi yall, I've read so many responses and some of them match mine, but if yall could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm not sure if I am or am not pregnant. I'm leaning on not, but I've had very confusing symptoms. I usually have about a 35 day cycle, long I know. I've been religiously tracking for a little over 10 years now, and as I've gotten older the cycle lengths have increased to an average of 35 days, sometimes longer, up to 40, and sometimes shorter being around 32, but never below that. My last period was started September 16th, and I estimated that I was ovulating around October 1-7th. I had unprotected s_x on the 6th-7th (it was late evening into the morning). Around the 10th, I started having nausea and vomiting. I know it's too early to have conceived then, but it IS NOT a normal PMS symptom for me either. I had aversion to smells and former foods that I loved were making me feel queasy, such as mac and cheese. I had nausea and vomiting for a week in the morning to mid day, and I thought it had finally slowed down yesterday. Yesterday I thought I started my period, but it was very light and almost watery, but still red, not really brown. I also had some cramping, but not the usual cramping I get before a period. I'm also not expected to start until the 21st, so it was three days early. Today it's still a dark red, but light. I also had nausea in the morning, and eventually vomited. I've taken a pregnancy test and it came out negative. I just am confused on what's going on with my body. I have gotten food cravings, major fatigue, some crankiness, and and my b___bs are swollen, but not too tender. I just would like some insight if any of yall have experienced this and what it could be. Thank you. I'm so sorry for the long post.


NataszasMommy - October 22

I need help!! TTC and I thought I did everything right. I "should" have O on 10/7. AF was due on Fri 10/19 according to my tracker which has been right on for months. Sat 10/20 I had very very light pink discharge with brown off and on which went on through Sunday afternoon. Then all of a sudden I get a heavier flow for about an hour or two...then it stops. Today Monday...same thing. Heavier flow for about an hour or two. My history consists of very heavy (after my daughter was born two and a half years ago) periods with continuous flow- needing to change tampon every 1-2 hours. From yesterday to today this "flow" is not even close to the amount of blood I am used to. I was extremely nauseous on sat evening to the point of vomiting. This is not normal for me either. I listed this as my AF on my tracker starting sat just because I don't know what's going on. I feel like I am experiencing symptoms, but this could just be a fluke type of AF too. Has anyone out there experienced IB like this? Sat the 20th would have been 13dpo if I did O....but remember my AF was technically due Fri the 19th. HELP!!! I have read that IB can be more confusing if it happens when you AF is due. Thanks in advance!!!!


DeeTTC37 - November 6

Hi... We have been TTC for 3 months now I have been using and updating about 5 different apps on my phone. Charting temps, checking CM Last month I was 32 day cycle which is the longest I have ever went usually a 28 cycele by my CM I had the eggwhite from 24-25 thinking I o'd 26?(CD 18) We BD's every day other day from 13th to 22 and hit 24h and 25th on Oct 29(CD22) temp raised with a drop on nov 1(cd25) morning temp and I had a spot of pink discharge, and the nest day nov 2 i was nauseous all day, we BD'd the next morning nov 3 for fun LOL I have spotted ever since that morning it has been 5 days of light blood no clotting mostly on the TP occasionally on the pantyliner I am wearing, no cramping however today a slight temp drop and it is CD30 Help I am driving myself nuts tests says negative. My b___sts are tender DH says they are larger and darker, I am bloated this would be our first child together but I have had 2 children previously.


krystal#3 - November 16

hello all, I had the big "O" on nov 2nd, it is 15dpo (i believe) im having some brown blood, not anything a small liner cant contain.. could this be implantation bleeding or is it something else. i dont have regular periods since ive been off my BC but have been experiancing some odd symptoms for the last 6 days.. help!!!


krystal#3 - November 16

hello all, I had the big "O" on nov 2nd, it is 15dpo (i believe) im having some brown blood, not anything a small liner cant contain.. could this be implantation bleeding or is it something else. i dont have regular periods since ive been off my BC but have been experiancing some odd symptoms for the last 6 days.. help!!!


Rachudan - November 18

Well I usually have regular 28 days cycle which lasts hardly for 2 to 3 days with not much flow.... This was the first time I ever missed my periods ...I was 8 days late ...I am TTC....but on the ninth day Pinkinsh red bleeding started with some brownish clots...I had tested on the 3rd day and the 7th day with a home pregnancy kit...both negative..Has anyone had anything like this ?


deena62982 - December 17

Hello all - Hoping that I experienced Implantation bleeding as we are ttc#1. My LMP was Nov. 18th and I have a 30 day cycle. AF not due until tomorrow, 12/18. Last wednesday (6 days before AF due) I experienced spotting for the 1st time in my life - It was definitely not my "normal" period so I am not convinced I had my period early which would be the first for me in the 20 years I've been menstruating. The pinkish spotting lasted two days and was off and on. The 3rd day it was brownish discharge but not clotty and very minimal, unlike my regular period. The night before the spotting I had these pulsating twinges on my left side that lasted about an hour. Since then, I have experienced fatigue but I do also work a lot so that could explain that and my b___sts do feel heavier and tingly. I have periodic sudden cramping, but not consistent. I took a test and its still BFN. Could it be implantation bleeding I experienced?


kels18 - December 25

After Coming off Depo Is it Possible to have Dark brown-reddish Discharge in my Panties? Could I Be Pregnant? Is It Implantation Bleeding?? Me an My Boyfriend had Unprotected S_x the Last Week in Last Month on the 11th of Dec. I had this strange colored discharge it only lasted maybe a day or two. Now It has disappeared I Dont Know What to Think Could the strange color be from me withdrawing from Depo or Could I Be pregnant?? I have been off Depo for Two Months 1 week and 5 days..


Leonie - January 18

Hi Everyone.. My period cycle is usually 28 days or exatly 31 days. My last period statrted 20 December which means i should have started yester 17 Jan 2013 or 20 Jan 2013. I have been spotting (light brownish/pinkish) for 4 days now - hardly enough for a liner. We are ttc - could this be implantation and is it to early to do a test?


Lulutorero - January 27

Hi leonie, I'm just experiencing what you are going through! My last period started dec 20th and iovulated either the 31st or the 1st of January. I had s_x on New Years. I was expecting my period to come on the 13th but instead I had this light pinkish mucus one day before my period and lasted for two days. It wasn't heavy at all. I only had to wear panty liner. To add, I have to say I'm always on schedule, I either get my period the day I expect it or the day before, NEVER after. I am now 13 days late. I have taken several HPTs and all came out negative. I took one on day 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 after period was due. I had the blood test on day 11 as well and it came back negative. I have never experienced this. I did have slight cramping and lower back pain during those two days of spotting. I still do have slight cramps each morning and I expect them to increase in severity but they never do. And no period yet. I have noticed, though, that I go to the bathroom a bit more often than usual, b___st are a little bit fuller but they are not tender at all. Other than that I'm as normal as before. Any ideas? Has anyone had negative blood test results and then you found out you were pregnant? Help! When Should i test again? I'm going nuts!


Leonie - January 27

The spotting continued for 5 days. Started normal period on 20 Jan, as above mentioned it was day 31 of my cycle. It however only lasted one day heavy and two days light then stopped, 3 days of period and i am usually 5 to 6 days full on period. I am having acne break outs and more tired in the mornings - not the whole day.. i am going crazy.. hate irregular or abnormal cycles and bleeding.. confusing is what it is.. :-)



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