Just For Those That Had IMPLANTATION Bleeding

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kkgaskin90 - May 22

My first two pregnancies, implantation bleeding was barely a pink spot when I wiped 6 days after ovulation. With this pregnancy, I have had light brown spotting ever day since 5 days after ovulation. I am currently 18 days after ovulation, 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Confirmed with blood HcG test.


JBlupcho - September 6

so It can last for 5 days because i had it for five days and i am just currently waiting for a positive. it started monday and ended friday and its sunday. i want to take a test in the morning but i took one on friday and it was negative. i think it was because i always have heavy periods and this was not like a period i had no cramps and i only used a few panty liners.


SUSIEMG1989 - November 23

I had my period for a day, if that. then brown discharge for a day and a half. i have always been regular. I'm a little freaked out. my breasts are feeling a tad bit tender, but clear blue test said negative. But I really think im pregnant, any one know how long i should wait to take 2nd tesT?


heiditheo - December 7

Good day a month ago I went to the hospital and discovered I'm pregnant I did a few test and all test was positive now a few days I took another one and its negative I don't know what to think my breast is darker and I'm always tired and dizzy. And last month periods was so different and it was for 9days where my periods only lasted for 3days. Please give me advice


momof4here - December 18

I am concerned because my youngest is 10 years old,

I started spotting 4 days before my period was duetoo light to fill a pad I was using pany liners.Then I started a light period that lasted for 5 days had some clots and stringy things in my pads. I havenever had this happen before. I took a dollar store pregnancy test and it was negative. Now I have tender breasts and a lot of anxiety. any thoughts?


Christiangirlvk - January 11

Needing help. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 5 months now. I'm 13dpo according to my Glow app and my period is due today. When I went pee this morning there were a couple drops of blood and then nothing. Later on in the afternoon I had a gush of very dark red/brown discharge like blood when I wiped. For the past few months I've just started bleeding full on when I start my period. It's now the evening and nothing more has happened. I took a "day of missed period" test yesterday morning and it was a flat negative. I've had slight cramping for the past few days which usually when I start my period my cramps are almost unbearable. Could this be implantation bleeding? And. If I use a cleablue 4 days sooner test, would it be able to give me an accurate answer?


mommy84 - February 18

Last period was Jan 24. Had sex feb. 9 Period due tomorrow Feb 19. I have ENDOMETRIOSIS and always spot 2-3 days b4 and after my periods n heavy heavy flow 4 days. I always cramp n have severe abdominal n back pain b4 n during periods. I am due for surgery next month for the removal of 2 ovarian cysts 1 on each ovary. I have been scared cuz I was told I may not be able to save my ovaries. ANYWAY I started spotting on Feb 9 A WHOLE 7 DAYS b4 my expected period. I spotted for 3 MAYBE 4 days n nothing since. No sign of my period or any of the usual pms warnings I get every month. Could that have been Implantation bleeding? I have 1 child a 7 yr old son.


mommy84 - February 18

Sorry I started spotting Feb 12th not 9th.


Kirby_x - February 29

Hello, I'm looking for someone that can help me. I'm 20 years old and I think I might be experiencing this implantation bleeding. Im 4 days late on my period now and all I'm having is the brown discharge which I've been having for 5 days. Is it possible that I could be pregnant? And when would be the right time to take a test? Any help would be appreciated.


Amandajayne99 - March 15

Not sure if this post is still active. However I'm happy to have come across it. I have been off birth control for 2yr7mon and have had no luck at becoming pregnant. I was expecting my period around the 10th of March. I started spotting on the 8th, but I'm still spotting (so this is day 7). I thought maybe I was having just a light flow, Usually I have very heavy cycles and I have yet needed anything more then a liner. I have been expierencing other symptoms (heightened sense to smells, bloating, nausea, fatigue. I have also been expierencing acid reflux which I've only ever expierencing with my other 2 pregnancies in 2005 & 2008)... However I'm also expierencing mild cramping every now and again- I plan on testing this Friday if I haven't started a normal cycle. This isn't the first time I've believed I may be pregnant so I'm afraid I'm getting my hopes up again... Fingers crossed for a positive test. 



Tammyhill96 - March 30

Hi I was one day early on my period but not like my usual period it was a lot lighter like a red pink colour then the next day it turned brown and some of it was like stringy discharge and on the night it stopped its just when I wipe it's just a little bit on tissue like watery light brown I had minor cramps the 1st day were as my normal period lasts 7/8 days heavy and I suffer really bad could this be implantation ?


uaarti - December 19

Hi Everyone. I was expecting my period on the 15 Dec (a 26 day cycle). I am now 4 days late with a negative pregnancy test (tested today). I experienced pink discharge on the 15/16th and today I have had brown discharge  (may be few times all day) and notice only when I wipe myself with a tissue. Does anyone think this is implantation bleeding ? and If so how soon after implantation should I retest? 




wormy91 - February 23

I had similar yesterday I was 7DPO - 9 days out from period. I checked my cervix and had some bright pink bleeding. When i wiped after it was there and then nothing - I have also been having cramping.

Just to confirm - did you get your BFP? This was implantation for you?


danigirl01 - April 6

Hello I ovulated on March 26th it is now April 5th and I had some weird stuff in my sample cup when I peed in it to test a pregnancy test it was stringy and had some blood in it there was a few of them but not a lot I also had a little resist brown when I wiped also with this egg yok stuff. My AF is due in 4 days I took a HPT and it was negative today! What is going on?


nati - May 19

I got a po


nati - May 19

i got a positive pregnancy test 5 days before my period and today i get my period . I hae slight bleeding very pinkish no cramps . idk whats going on



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