Just For Those That Had IMPLANTATION Bleeding

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To net - November 16

IT SURE SOUNDS LIKE IT TO ME!!! If you don't start within a week you should grab a tester! Good luck


vanessa - November 16

I've had brown spotting for 5 days now, is implantation bleeding supposed to last that long?, implantantion bleeding lasts longer if it's more than 1 baby?


SONYA - November 17

I am abit worried. Had pinkish, redish discharge last week and then it stopped. Thought it was implantation bleeding but have started the same thing again a week later! Is this normal? My last pregnancy was ectopic so I am rather paranoid. i have no cramping or heavy bleeding. Any suggestions???


JJ - November 17

to Sonya go to the doctor to see what's up, you don't want to take any chances.


K - November 17

It happened to me around the time I was suppose to get AF and got the 2 confused at the time. Had cramps & spotting for 2 days & then went away. A week later I tested positive! I wasn't temping but I was using the clear blue ovulation kit. Good luck!


net - November 17

to K are you goinng to have a baby?


lg76 - December 7

Guys, Hi. I have been ttc for 1 year. I am 30 and just did an IUI. I am on 12dpo. I saw a thin line of brown color spotting o my liner this morning. that has sent me into very high level of excitment. I want to keep it down. I have been fooled in the past. I did my IUI on Nov 24th. i have mild AF like cramping on and off and have tender b___sts. When should I test ? anyone else in the same boat ?


lg76 - December 7

just for the record. I have seen smilar small brownish spotting AFTER AF is about to end ..like day 7 or 8..but NEVER before AF is due...


sarahbaby11 - December 7

i had implantation bleeding with my first but not the second or third. all three were viable although the secind had to be ended because of a fatal fetal condition. it was the time of my period it came and lasted about four days the length of my period. i used tampons as i didn't expect to be pregnant i was on the pill. i didn't realize until two weeks after i missed my next period and started to feel sick. hope this helps you. if you are trying i would test anyway even if you bleed a little you never know.


Faye84 - December 8

I had implantation bleeding. It was so light that you could hardly see it. I could only see it when i wiped. It happened about 3 days before my period was about to start, Also had cramping so I thought my period was going to come.


Stephie14 - December 11

I had what I a__sume was implantation bleeding. It was right around the time af was due, and when I noticed it, I just a__sumed it was starting since I had no idea I was pregnant yet. I noticed it when bf and I were making love (sorry if TMI). Afterwards, I put on a pad but didn't have any other bleeding. About a week (or maybe a little more later) I tested and found out I was pregnant. It was the normal blood red color.


angelmonkey - June 1

hi i know this tread is really old but i think i have implantation bleeding, im on cd20 and 6dpo and have had brown discharge to pink watery mucus does this sound like implantation i have regular cycles and have never had this before i,ve ben ttc for 9months so im hoping this is it, im also reallly bloated and have sore b___bs im not due af for another 8days! is there anything else it could be?


mommamare - June 24

Hello, I know this is old, but saw another recent question under this topic...I am a bit nervous because I used a tampon today while swimming because I have been having brown discharge. I am wondering now if it is implantaion bleeding because I have all the signs of early pregnancy and have 3 other children...one little twist in the story though....I had my tubes tied 10 months ago with my last daughter via c-section. I am nervous that if I am amazingly pregnant, that could have introduced an infection from the tampon...please help! I feel crazy!


jennie1983 - July 9

hi, i know this is an old thread . im ttc and my periods are alwaysregular but this month im having a slight spotting/bleeding and cramping on and off for 3 days now with bright red blood, brown blood and pink with mucus and my period isnt due for another 6 days, could this be implantation bleeding or just an early messed up light period.? im currently 8do and have slighty sore b___bs and lightheadedness. took a htp but was bfn, the blood is there when i wipe but hardly enough to need a pad. m confused!


angelmonkey - July 9

i just thought i;d let you know it was implantation bleeding that i had i am now 8weeks pregnant!


kellymh07 - July 9

My last period was on 5-14-08. I periods don't always come on time. About a week ago I started having some clear discharge with a little blood in it. Then it was brown discharge. Now it is bright red but very little. Just when I wipe myself, I only get a spot like the size of a quarter on my pantyliner. I have never had this before. Should I consider this my period? I've been having unprotected s_x with my husband for about a year now and still no pregnancy. I want to add that I took a pregnancy test The beginning of June.



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