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MrsShelton217 - February 20

Hello everyone! I just found out today that I am expecting our second child. I am approx 4 weeks pregnant. I am due Nov. 4th. We are so excited. I am having very mild cramping/sensations in my stomach. I am on the verge of being sick. With my first, I was never sick. I am already feeling it now. I guess you notice more with your second...third.. or so on. Any Advice about anything? (PS... our daughter is 2.. will be 3 in May.)


kelley - February 20

Congratulation MrsShelton217...welcome to the first trimester boards... hope that you have a happy and healthy nine months :)


DANI - February 20

Congrats MrsShelton217! I remember you from the "signs of prego" board. I too just found out I'm preggo. I also have a ds who is 14 mo. old.


angelinakai - February 20

Congrats girl!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!


MrsShelton217 - February 21

Dani... congrats! What symptoms are you having?


AmySmoak - February 21

Congratulations! That is so wonderful! DH and I just found out Monday that we are pregnant too! About 5 or 6 weeks! I have my first appt. on March 8th. Good Luck and Best Wishes for a happy and healthy 9 months!


ahay - February 21

MRSSHELTON...SO FUNNY! I just found out I was pregnant yesterday too. I am also 4 weeks but I didnt get a due date yet. Maybe we are due at the same time. That sux because my sons birthday is the 7th of November. WOW...must be baby boomer time.


MrsShelton217 - February 23

WOW! I had an appt scheduled w/ my obgyn for yesterday.. (i was scheduled for my yearly (this was b4 i knew i was pregnant) Well.. my dr decided to go ahead and do an ultrasound! Turns out.. Baby is measuring almost 6 weeks! *that last period I thought I had wasnt even really a period.. :) :) I am now due Oct. 19th... I got to see its little heart fluttering!! So amazing!


GoGo Trigger - February 24

Hi guys, congrats to you all! I just got my good news this week as well after our 1st round of IVF. Got the beta results today--725! Eager to see how many we have in there. We're 4 weeks today :D



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